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A Moroccan wedding theme is perfect for any couple who desires an elegant traditional themed wedding. The Moroccan weddings are in essence; glamourous galas celebrated exclusively for the couple with extraordinary festivities and accoutrements which can span an entire week of pre-wedding ceremonies and discreet private parties leading up to the grand finale.

Three key moments prior to the wedding; including the Pre-wedding ceremony

  • The proposal:

According to Muslim tradition, the elders make the proposal and meet the bride’s family to obtain her parents consent and blessings, as a first step, if the family approves, both families discuss the dowry, which it can be just symbolic.

The future bride and groom may start the formalities for the marriage and sign a simple agreement in presence of witness and Adoul (Moroccan notary).

The Hamam

Five days before the wedding event, the bride and her unmarried friend are given a bath in Hamam which is sort of milk bath that means to purify the future bride, the lighting of  candles is a symbolic ritual. This event will usually be supervised by female attendants.

The bridal Henna party



The next ceremony is the famous Moroccan Henna, it is a long tradition to host a Henna party prior to the wedding, it is a joyful occasion because the bride sits still for several hours; while her friends might dance and sing as entertainment.


When the Henna is finally placed on the palm of the bride’s hand, it indicates that she is open to receive and offer blessings. If it is placed on the top of her hand, it means protection. For oriental culture, the Henna designs symbolize fertility.

 The Wedding Day

The marriage ceremony brings the entire family together, which demonstrates the richness of the Moroccan customs and traditions through clothing, music or cuisine.

On the day of the wedding all of the women wear their best caftans, which are elegant flowing garments made of the most luxurious brocade fabrics of silk or other fine material; transforming the wearer into a truly ethereal, delicate and magical creature. Also, sumptuous food is prepared and elegantly displayed for all their family and many friends; catering to everyone’s culinary desires.

Throughout the ceremony the bride will make several wardrobe changes from an unusual selection of superb caftans; with every dress is a distinctive matching jewelry.

After a full evening of numerous celebrations, the newlywed couple finally will depart to their private time alone to consummate their marriage.

The day after the family visits the young married for breakfast and congrats to the couple, as they say in morocco, Mabrouk Al Zawaj.


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