Breaking the Mold: Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Get Personal with their Flowers

Top London Floral Designer Philippa Craddock has been bestowed the honor of designing the floral arrangements and decorations for the upcoming royal wedding of the century between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The ceremony will be located at St George’s Chapel and the reception at St. George’s Hall at Windsor Castle. Its standing tradition for every wedding bouquet dating back to 1840 contains at least one sprig of myrtle. Craddock spoke about her experiences creating the happy couples wedding flowers saying “the process has been highly collaborative  free-flowing, creative and fun.”

Lets Talk Cake Design: I wonder if the designs from the cake designed by London bakery Violet Cakes will have an influence on the floral decor. The collaboration to rival all collaborations to create one of the most talked about weddings of the year! The happy couple seems to be all about inclusion so it would make sense to have all creative parties involved with all the details to the look and feel of the wedding. The cake design is to have lemon elderflower flavor with a selection of seasonal flowers. Flowers are said to include branches of beech, birch, hornbeam as well as white garden roses, foxgloves and of course Meghan’s favorite peony. Philippa is known for creating warm and inviting floral installations that make the space feel very intimate. With the grandeur of St.George’s Hall, she has her work cut out for her.


Flowers & Philanthropy: Adding to their giving nature and philanthropic endeavors the flowers are going to be donated to various charitable organizations that continue to speak to them wanting to share their love with the world. It’s interesting that both Prince William & Prince Harry both stepped out of the box and married women that reminded them of their mother Princess Diana. This is only the beginning to what I’m sure will be the first of many shared experiences with the world. In my wildest dreams, I imagine Meghan with a cascading all white bouquet with lush peony, garden roses and myrtle with a touch of greenery and yellow accents.

The floral decor inside the ceremony and reception will be reminiscent of an indoor garden with flower walls filled with peony and roses. If Prince William and Kate’s wedding had over 30,000 flowers this will definitely come close or exceed that number. Stay tuned for more predictions and our desires of the Royal Wedding that I’m sure will be talked about for years to come… maybe if we make a wish our floral desires will come true!

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