Finding The Right Dress & Getting The Best Advice

Reem Acra- by Reem Acra

As the Fashion Industry prepares for Fashion Week this month and New York Bridal Fashion Week next month, make no mistake, this is not a regional or local event. It’s a global extravaganza.

There are shows that take place all over the world, New York, London, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Mumbai, Tokyo, Dubai, and newly added destination—Saudi Arabia.

The fashion Industry is worth BILLIONS of dollars. You are sure to find your place in the market, either as a consumer, distributor, creator, a retail or an observer.

It will inspire you on so many levels, you don’t even need to be in fashion to appreciate the impact the industry has on everyone on this planet— unless you’re walking around naked in a nudist colony of sorts!

With the Summer release movie, Crazy Rich Asians recently, it explores and highlights the one percent of the one percent that is drenched in the world, and of course that means the fashion world.

I want to imagine that if every one of us had the opportunity to sache down a runway we would if we could.

For a bride that fantasy can become a reality on her wedding day.

Designers all over the world use this opportunity to give that bride a once in a lifetime chance to bring such fabulousness to life.

So we had an opportunity to talk with the proprietor, creative director, the buyer of Designer Loft NYC to give us the inside scope of the world behind the dresses you see on the runway, in the pages of fashion magazines and in stores, or online. So before you say yes to the dress you may want to read this.


How long have you been attending bridal shows in Europe?

I have been traveling to Bridal shows in Europe for about 10 years! Very different styles here and there!

What has been your process of selecting gowns for your boutique and with the brides in mind?

When selecting gowns we look for quality but most important fit! Of course, we want fashion-forward and beautiful fabrics whether silk, lace or beadwork, but most importantly will the gown make my bride 3 inches taller and 2 sizes smaller? Will, it give my bride curves and will it photograph beautifully from every angle? We are not choosing for a cover of a magazine but to show the best version of all our gorgeous brides.

Should brides follow trends or keep it classic?

It depends entirely on the bride’s personality. We have brides that want a classic and timeless silhouette and they should have it. We also have brides that want to wear jumpsuits or color or sheer transparent gowns and look like a Hollywood Rockstar and they should have that as well! We don’t subscribe to the philosophy that all brides should be the same, in fact, the bridal gown should celebrate the personality of the bride. We just completed a silver blue ballgown for a wedding in Scotland that might be my proudest moment as a bridal shop owner. Whatever the bride’s vision is, we want to help her realize it and never compromise that vision!

Difficult to define a classic bridal look today. There are so many classic looks in bridal, the regal gown, the Victorian, the romantic bohemian, the vintage 50s, the vintage 20s, the modern minimalist bridal gown. I suppose it is primarily a look of enduring beauty. One that is not easily forgettable.

Can you give us a general cost a bride should be prepared to spend on her wedding dress?

Budgets: Most of our brides are budgeting $2000 to $4000 on their gowns. I must say the quality of the below $2000 gowns has really improved tremendously in the past 10 years. It partly depends on the fabrics you want to incorporate in your gown. If you need pure 100% silk or only French laces the price will go up. That being said, I think that as bridal gowns increasingly reflect evening wear trends, they grow more affordable as well as the designs more interesting.

Are brides still wearing white dresses? Is white the only way to go?

Well as the original bridal gowns were blue and only changed to white in the 19th century, I would say definitely not. At Designer Loft Bridal, we have always had blush, champagne, gold, and silver gowns as well as white. A white gown can look absolutely stunning by the water, in the green or in front of a church but hints of color can be fun as well. It is a tough call but I think really depends on which color is most flattering on a bride.

So there you have it.  Say yes to “your” dress with the help of Designer Loft.

For an appointment and consultation, feel free to contact Designer Loft NY directly and tell them World Bride Magazine.

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