Knowing that some brides would love the idea of having their own Mark Zunino gown, but love the idea and sentiment of wearing their mother’s wedding dress, I took it upon myself to ask for advice from an expert; Mark Zunino. During the interview, he shared some good points on what to consider when getting your wedding dress, how to incorporate mom’s dress into the special day, and how to make your dress your own.

The Mark Zunino woman is contemporary, modern, confident, and prides herself on her individualism.  She is sophisticated and sexy.  Mark thrives on collaborating with his brides, which is where he draws inspiration for his Atelier Collection that is made entirely in Beverly Hills, CA. 


Your Dress Should Suit The Location

Zunino pointed out that it is very important to consider where the wedding ceremony is being held and how the bride will be coming and leaving the ceremony. For one of his most recent famous brides, Denise Richards, Zunino shared “her wedding was on the beach and she would be leaving on the back of her Fiance’s motorcycle”. Taking these things into consideration with the designer, the bride decided on one of Mark Zunino’ white lace wedding rompers with an illusion overskirt. Even if you are not leaving on a motorcycle and will not have a wedding on the beach, you should still take these things into consideration. If a bride wants to get married in a barn house on a farm or someplace similar, it might be best to avoid long trains if there’s a lot of mud as that may make the dress difficult to travel in and heavy to wear. You must think of how the environment will affect your dress and if you are okay with it. Another suggestion is if the bride is traveling in a way that requires more movement than it would for you to sit in a car, for example, by horse.



Something Borrowed–Mom’s Dress Or Inspired By Mom’s Dress

For brides who think mom’s dress is nice, but not for them, Zunino suggests to use some parts of the dress or veil and incorporate it into the dress. Many designers, like Mark Zunino, create custom dresses for the bride using elements of their mother’s dress. “ We will take pieces and moments of the vintage dress and incorporate it into something new”. One way this can be done is to use the veil as an illusion overskirt over a shorter dress similar to what was done with Daniel Richards dress. In this way, the bride-to-be gets her own wedding gown with the history and feeling of her mom’s dress.

Zunino also pointed out the bride doesn’t have to wear her mom’s wedding dress for the ceremony. “Mom’s that got married in the 60’s have really fun dresses that you can cut really short and make into a fun mini reception dress. There’s a lot you can do. You just have to be creative and put your mind to it”. The designer you are working with can add whatever you wish to make your dress yours. Flowers, lace, butterflies, dragon, you name it. They are the artist and will do their best to create the dress you want. You just have to find the artist with the capabilities of doing what you want.


Trust The Professionals

As a reminder, it is best to work with a designer whenever it comes to altering your wedding dress in any way. It may seem simple to make an illusion overskirt with a veil, but if things don’t go as planned, you may damage the dress and your mother’s veil. The whole process of finding a wedding dress is costly, time and energy consuming. This experience adds sentimental value to the dress of your choice and the parts that belonged to mom. It is very risky to DIY something that has so much sentimental value which can not be repaired no matter how many times you buy the same dress. To make your wedding day more enjoyable and full of good memories, World Bride Magazine suggest going to a professional.

Mark is excited to debut a third bridal collection called “Mark Zunino Couture” in addition to a new collection for “Mark Zunino Bridal” all ranging from $2,500-$5,500 retail.  From his personally hand-drawn sketches to choosing the finest fabrics from around the world, a Mark Zunino gown is always the epitome of female elegance, glamour, and individuality.





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