Paris Haute Couture Continues To Dazzle US With Jewelry by BaroQco

Image a veil made of jewel that is befitting of royalty. BaroQco did just that today at the release of the Spring 2019 Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

This exquisite line of jewelry dazzled us with their eccentric work of art as their models walked down the runway in all black and making the jewelry the only statement piece.

Where would you wear such work of art you ask? Well if you are bold enough, to your wedding if your the bride. But I am not sure if you want to ear it to your best friends wedding it may take the attention off the bride and on to you. They are definitely a show stopping collection.

The dynamic duo’s are husband and wife team—Eduardo & Imelda Liem who make it their point to create extraordinary designs with their Love.

BaroQo is definitely worth looking into.
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