Pretty Wedding Papers

A friend and colleague of mine recently told me that her daughter didn’t want to send invitations for her wedding.  The bride-to-be believed that it was simply a waste of time and money to send paper invitations; her friends were used to a digital life and she believed they would all show up on the big day—on time and at the right place—so long as she sent them an emailed invite and followed up with texts. The bride’s mother was aghast and ultimately insisted on paper invites, even if they were last minute. But the bride ended up being remorseful on her wedding day as friends texted and I’m here trying to figure out details of the event while she was trying to get ready and simply remain calm.

So while the rest of the world is electronic—banking, photography, even our smart homes and cars—let this be a lesson: Paper invitations are anything but passé. In fact, receiving a paper invite or thank you is a thrill, especially these days when our mailboxes are only stuffed with bills, brochures, and flyers. Besides, when it comes to inviting guests to your big day, there is simply nothing more important than doing it in a stylish, memorable way.

Wedding invitations by Artifact Uprising

Enter Artifact Uprising, a new-ish paperie company out of Denver. Whether it’s save-the-dates, invites, or thank you notes (and yes, you will need all three when it comes to your wedding done right), their simple, minimalist designs feel modern and luxe. The brand also offer gorgeous wedding albums, including smaller books for parents, as well as personalized guest books.

Save-the-date cards by Artifact Uprising
Guest books by Artifact Uprising

When I got married several years ago on St. Martin, my photographer just handed over all of my photos to me and my new hubs. But we never got an album made—the online options looked flimsy and cheap and the traditional bound books were so expensive, I just put it off. But what good is a photo if it’s stuck in your phone or on your computer? Finally, with the ease of Artifact Uprising’s website, I have been able to build a beautiful album just in time for my anniversary. Better yet, I look forward to creating more gorgeous photo books—including baby books!—capturing the past years of our life together to share with our children and friends.

Wedding albums by Artifact Uprising




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