Inspired by the Rich Heritage of Lugo, Spain–Isabelle Armstrong Brings The Spanish Heritage To New York Brides


Isabelle Armstrong, there is an innocence about this seasons collection that is extremely breathtaking.  And we could not help but shoot it for ourselves with New York City Skyline as the backdrop.

Before we can even read the inspiration behind the collection something about it reminded us of something we could only have read in books, saw in movies, and envisioned in our dreams.






As we conversed with the team it all made perfect sense. Remy will continue to move us.  The collection was inspired by the rich, historical, medieval city of her birth, Lugo, Spain, Remy Quinones draws from her personal heritage to inform the Spring 2020 ISABELLE ARMSTRONG Bridal Collection. The Lugo Cathedral, built in the 12th century is of particular fascination. A hybrid of Gothic, Romanesque, and Neoclassical architecture, its stately structure, and surrounding lush gardens evoke a vision that Quinones interprets into innovative, new silhouettes with weightless, buoyant fabrics, layered floral motifs, and unique details culled from her distinct memory of this beautiful, ancient province.




As we snapped away model after model, as each dress approached– Cedric Klein our photographer captured the elegance of each woman as she glided across the hardwood floors and the soft rays of sun that were peaking through the clouds after a morning of grey skies from an evening of rain beamed against her skin and w captured each moment of innocence as we saw it.

We invite you to look into the Isabelle Armstrong Collection.


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