The Art Of Gift Giving Will Mean More This Time Around

Yes, gifting is definitely an art. It is more than selecting an item and giving your credit/debit card or cash unless of course, it is purely an act of duty.

This time of the year countless people will be in search of something meaningful to give to someone to say “I love you. Thank you. You’re appreciated.”  So this article is to assist you in various ways expressing those words.  But you must know that your purchases this year will do more than put a smile on the face of the recipient, it will help countless others–the merchant in which you have patronized, their staff, and our community as a whole.  Yes, like that very scene from the famous “The Devil Wears Prada” where Miranda Priestly breaks down the impact that “blue belt trickles down showing the long reach of the fashion industry, the same applies today.  It is a real thing.

We decided we would assist you in identifying some wonderful ways you can send wonderful gifts to the people you love and admire.

Of course, you have to take into account the following:

Who is the recipient?

What are the likes, and tastes of the recipient?

The type of relationship between you and the recipient.

What is your realistic budget?

Once you can outline these points, then it’s time to shop and shop wisely.  Here is a list of some of our favorite businesses we would like for you to consider supporting.

We are making a conscious effort to support small businesses and we found a few that deserve your support.

Gentlemen we are going to start with you — We found some pretty cool items from the Groovy Groomsman site which has wonderful, yet useful items the gentlemen on the receiving will be no means be disappointed.


Groovy Groomsmen Gifts Duffle Bag


Grooming Bag
Groovy Groomsmen Gifts Bag To Basics


Each of the items can be personalized and they are sure to send each item beautifully wrapped and their customer service team is pretty on point.

The second brand that is growing in popularity rather quickly is  Sanctuarie Life. Yes, gentlemen, we know you are very interested in self-care, and your desire to do so surpasses simply acquiring the basic grooming products such as shaving and showering products.  There are a plethora of items that are gender-neutral. So fill up that grooming bag from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts.  Some of our recommended products are Marigold Body Oil by Narloa, Brown, and Coconut, Healing Kale Mask, Iyora Hair, and Body Honey. You too deserve to be pampered.




Sancturaire Grooming Products


Next on top of the must-haves with the art of gifting idea is old faith–a flask.  I will let you sit that right there. Our friends at Harlem Haberdashery modernized your grandfather’s flask into a classy item. I am almost certain you will find a use for that on one of your upcoming date nights.  This beautifully designed piece is made with the finest quality leather and comes with a beautiful shot glass.


HH Leather Flask comes with shot glasses.


Now for our lovely brides and bridal party, we have more items than we can mention for you from beauty, fashion, and accessories you will totally enjoy the countless companies. We can mention plenty, but for the sake of keeping it short and sweet, we are only going to list a few that have useful items that will bring you joy.


Clear Scalp Coffee Heaven by OMHH

While we may not be able to go to spas as easily as we once did.  We now have more options to bring the spa services home by purchasing spa products and bringing them home.

Create an environment that will bring you not only inner peace but making it an oasis.  OMHH continues to bring us the most yummies products that leave our skin moist and supple from your head to your toes. New to the collection of vegan heavenly products is the jar of joy that starts with your scalp–OMHH Clear Scalp that will cleanse and messages peace into your body.

Don’t just jump in the bathtub and scrub away the stress.  Light a candle and create the mood, and grab whatever brings you tranquility– a glass of vino, sparkling water with a slice of lemon or lime, or a cup of tea and a great book.


Photo by Victor Amos at the Salamander Resort & Spa


We fell in love with the new scents created by LoveJones that comes with a message of love and peace. Hand-poured into a frosted glass reusable vessel layered with clean, earthy, and sensual notes represented by its numerical attributes, each candle is fragrantly designed with love to perfection!



Speaking of fragrance, dab a little of Spadaro House of Fragrance on your wrist and behind your ears and folds of your arm, and legs– and let your body temperature do the rest.  The scents are mesmerizing.


Spadaro Fragrance


We now move on to a company that simply continues to give while giving, Equal Hands. This fashion-forward company was founded by fashionista, businesses woman, philanthropist Monica Phromsavanh.  Phromsavanh not only curated one of the most beautiful, diverse virtual boutique online, but the site has managed to create a way that with each item purchased, we support some international artisans that allow countless of families provide a means of a living for themselves.


Vintage Kimono’s by Equal Hands


Talk about sustainable fashion.  Think about it. You can look good and feel good knowing your investment will bring joy to more than the recipient.



This leads me to the strategic partnership forged by bridal designer Yemi Osunkoya who is the founder of Kosibah Bridal & Eveningwear who partnered with Music Kitchen founded by solo violinist Kelly Hall-Tompkins who is celebrating its 15 anniversary. Kelly and her list of A-list musicians, composers have been performing for those living in shelters for years.  How the partnership works.  With each mask purchased one is donated to help a New Yorker in need living in a shelter.  After all, it is always a season for giving.



Another newcomer to our fashion world is a family-owned business based in Southern Bengaluru, India with a presence in London in Aranyani. Their inspiration comes from the Indian Kirana as well as the ateliers of Europe.

We are always excited about introducing our readers to new artisans that not only enhance our vision of beauty with their artistry but especially the ones that give back to their community.  Their work supports their craftsmen and their families, Aranyani continues its mission of supporting and sustaining the communities it touches which has grown since the company started three years ago.


Last but not least, the gift of flowers.  There is never an occasion flower just doesn’t make everything alright. Something about having fresh flowers in a space just brings life to it. We went back to one of our favorite creatives Marc Wilson, founder of The Style Marc, who can just make every arrangement with a certain Je ne sais quoi that will leave you breathless.

So there you have our list of gift ideas you should consider this season–practical, intimate, meaningful, and simply beautiful.  All things that promote self-care, joy, and the quest for tranquility while helping your fellow man and woman.


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