WBM Summer Series: Scent of A Woman Created By Kim Spadaro

Finding a scent you love can authentically become a part of you, or become an extension of yourself can be challenging in today’s beauty market filled with so many options. But how do you find the “one”?

While it has become a bit more challenging to simply approach a fragrance counter due to our current social distancing circumstance; the only information you can currently garner about any of the scents is from the description available to you now on the internet and possibly requesting samples, or how pretty the bottle looks, which, of course, tells you nothing. Now you’re left with relying on your memory on what scent you liked in the past from the countless fragrances you sniffed from the hundreds available on the market. This may prove to be absolutely no help because those days seemed like a lifetime. Boy, don’t we miss those days of having those amazing salespeople asking us do you want to try the new fragrance as you walked through your favorite department stores or the floors of Sephora? (Bet we won’t take those things for granted anymore.)

We did a little research for you and found a new fragrance that fancied our nostrils and we felt compelled to share with you as you search for a new fragrance for your upcoming nuptials.

Spadaro Perfume is an exquisite work of art from the packaging to the very product that is beautifully captured in the bottle it is filled in. The brand has a variety of sensual scents that express a distinct taste of pure luxury captured in the perfectly designed bottles.

It’s creator Kim Spadaro is a beautiful woman that is a world-traveled and a citizen of the world and has made it her mission to capture the beauty of her experiences and gift it to us in a form of a fragrance.

We, at World Bride Magazine had an opportunity to not only try the beautiful product but speak to her directly to gather some information from her that would give you some back story before you call in your order. We know for a fact you will find something from the collection that will suit your spirit. Tell them World Bride Magazine sent you.

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