When My Words Are Simply Not Enough–The Vow Whisperer Can Help

 We have been relegated to either having micro weddings and many of them not by choice, or the new and legal thing, ZOOM WEDDINGS!

You have secured the dress, the venue, the florist, and the cake. But the only thing left is the wedding officiant. While you are trying to manage your stress level planning your nuptials… you don’t have the mental capacity to write your own vows. Do not fret. We have that covered for you. Coming to the rescue… Tanya Pushkine, lovingly known as The Vow Whisperer.

Tanya, The Vow Whisperer is a licensed officiant, wedding vow, toast, and speech coach based in New York. Tanya has helped countless couples craft perfect words while expressing heartfelt expressions to their beloved.

Her approach is simple, using each couple’s history together to put pen to paper by extracting memories, anecdotes, the meaning of marriage, their joys and hurdles, their promises, and much more. Crafting elegant prose and heartfelt words, the script allows each one to outline their sentiments in a touching and unforgettable way.

Tune in as we have a conversation of why you should hire the Wedding Whisperer.

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