For as long as I can remember, art has been part of my life. I have always wondered what do most families do without the slightest notion as to what should go on a wall.  Funny enough, I also remember, most of my friends only considering images of Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King of a famous Rahbi reverently displayed in their family rooms or kitchens. I so loved all of that! Today, I am an avid collector of artist visual narrative and futurism. 

“Art is life!” is a very popular mantra for many.  involuntarily, COVID-19 has taught us to overstand the meaning and measure in ‘making it work.’ The new normal of creating art, its appreciation, and collecting, has really taken on a new normal.   Last year’s Miami week was great! Exhibitors from far and wide presented their newest creative narratives, ready to connect with onlookers and buyers.  

Yearly, the first week of December ushers in Miami Art Week, affectionally know as Miami Art Basel. This amazing week featured pop-up installations throughout the landscape of the city. Major draws to South Beach festivities include lead installations hosted by Art Miami, Design Miami, Miami Art Basel, PULSE Art Fair, Scope, and Untitled. As many of the heavily sponsored conglomerates featured the art favorites, Derrick Adams, Deborah Roberts, Delita Martin, Gregory Siff, Kehinde Wiley, and Ronald Jackson, there were other great surprises to visit within the city of Miami.  Art Africa, Prizm Art Fair, Red Dot, and Spectrum were housed in downtown areas of Miami with art collector’s favorites, Alfred Conteh, Charly Palmer, Genesis Tramaine, LaToya Hobbs, Leroy Campell, Marryam Moma, Tylonn Sawyer, and Zoya Talor.  

Experiencing the wonderment, a Miami Art Week emersion can add so many wonderful experiences to your nuptials. The glitz, glamour, hustle, and bustle of attending many of the exhibitions and events is definitely worth its weight in gold, yet it also lends itself to an extremely vibrant vacation or honeymoon.  Art is a gift that keeps on giving and an unforgettable marker for where you were in life when it was acquired. On Wednesday, September 2, 2020, Art Basel Miami, unfortunately, delivered the news of this year’s cancellation, therefore, traveling to Miami Art Week 2020 didn’t quite work out the way many of us planned. As this news is a bit somber for the art community, it gives us all a head start in planning the 2021 festivities. Let’s go!  

Check the following websites for updates: 

Art Miami

Miami Art Week

Red Dot Miami/ SPECTRUM

Prizm Miami Art Fair

Design Miami

SCOPE Art Fair



  1. Schedule time off work Dec 1-6, 2021. 
  1. Research all exhibitions/events and pre-order your tickets. 
  1. Book Lodging closet to where you wish to get the most enjoyment. 
  1. Book your travel and lodging
  1. Check listing of all art exhibition and create calendar plan of execution. 
  1. Research all of your wish list restaurants and book reservations. 
  1. Check weather for wardrobe choices and definitely bring an umbrella.
  1. Don’t forget to bring your emergency credit cards for art purchases .
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