First Lady Glam-Fit to Impress Nana Eyeson

84 days and counting….

I know its been a while and I’ve been a little MIA but trust me girls I have been extremely busy. There is so much to this wedding thing than meets the eye 🙂

I’ve just realized that the hottest thing about Michelle Obama on innaguration night wasn’t her dress it was her SKIN and BODY–yes girls, her face and back were KILLER.

So I started thinking how does one get a glowing complexion and sculpted back like that? Well you can’t get it at Sephora that’s for sure.

Then I remembered how two years ago my now matron of honor Lola was getting married and every day she would get her butt whipped into shape by a man I only know as Pierre the trainer, along with a once a week face burning session with her dermatologist.

Every day she complained of aches and pains and how she couldn’t drink her fav Bacardi Limon martini and I kept telling her “Girl you don’t need that, you look great already forget Pierre” well girls in the end she looked beyond great she was georgeous, her makeup was as the lovely gay boys like to say “SITTIN” And when she turned around in her wedding dress her back was sculpted. She my friends was getting her Michelle Obama on from the GATE!

So is the pain worth it you ask?


So now its my turn down the aisle and I have found my own Pierre and his name is Carlos and 3 times a week Carlos WHIPS my butt into shape, courtesy of the he runs here in NJ. Oh girls its no joke.

On my first day at boot camp as my luck would have it was pouring raining and I had just gotten a fresh perm… you know how this ends right?

Running + squat thrust + push ups + sit ups= PAIN. But as I ran thru the rain all I could think of was Michelle Obama’s back and how fly my back will look in my strapless gown. So I hustled my ass and I ran and thrusted till it hurt. Because NO PAIN NO GAIN

Now to achieve that clear smooth complexion that the 1st lady rocks everyday. I get a series of Lactic Chemical peels once a week courtesy of Mandi at Solachi Day Spa in Princeton NJ… yes I said Princeton and for those of you who know me know that I am a BK girl to core, but she is worth it. Plus when in Jersey do like the Jersey Housewives 🙂

Now I know black girls especially us dark skin girls don’t like to hear the words Chemical and Peel in the same sentence. But the reality is that the skin we see everyday is really dead skin and with a great peel you can get down to a more beautiful you. Trust me. I have always had crazy dark under eye circles and now after a few sessions I can honestly say they are going away….

In the end ladies it takes more than the dress to make the wedding! If you look crazy the whole wedding looks CRAZY 🙂

So stay tuned and I promise I won’t be gone for long



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