The Quintessential Things Needed For Traveling To Your Best Friends Wedding

Make time for a glass of Oasis Mead while getting your style tip from Mr. Baldwins' book--Grooms

I rush to the door to greet my mailman, who, like clockwork, arrives at the same time–we do our regular light conversation and as quickly as he comes, he goes. After sorting through the mail, I notice a small resting on top of the bundle. It is an invitation–to be specific, a wedding invitation. I quickly open it and crack a smile. It is really happening. Weddings are back.

Prior to 2020, receiving an invitation would simply be a matter of fitting it into my schedule among the other events I had to attend. However, as we all know nothing is simple anymore–everything must be well thought out and properly planned extensively. Relatively free movement as we once knew it has evaporated from our daily lives.

For the past few months, the travel industry has become increasingly localized and complicated for everyone. We are now beginning to venture from our homes; beyond simply going to the store, a stroll to the park, and possibly a few group gatherings. More and more we feel the urge to drift a little further from our comfort zone. Some of us will take it slower than others, and simply travel within state lines, while others are willing to drive well beyond our state lines to feel a sense of normality.

Our time confined in our homes gave us a deeper appreciation for the privilege of travel. I know for me travel will never be the same. I will savor every experience, indulge in every bit of education presented to me everywhere I go. Every human contact will be a welcoming experience–because I am determined to no longer take these excursions for granted.

After ripping open the invite, I am suddenly overcome with anxiety, wondering how do I plan for this? I have learned planning things far in advance is no longer a luxury I can count on. But I hope for the best. I excitedly started to think about how I would get there and what I would need and for how many days. When I travel, I usually travel light, unless we are shooting content for you, our beloved readers. Then it hit me–if I, the editor has this much anxiety about planning a simple trip four hours away, what concerns must our readers and their guests be experiencing? Thus, this article, trying to take another direction by keeping it fun and light… we all could use a little joy in our lives.

I quickly called my co-producer and photographer, and said, “we are shooting, let’s pull together a strong story about the coming of this new age of planning an enjoyable trip

Tumi Short Trip 26-Inch Expandable Suitcase

I don’t know what comes first–selecting what I want to wear, or determine how I get to my destination? Driving or public transportation. One of my least favorite things about me traveling is checking in bags, and waiting for luggage upon arrival when I fly. So I learned to travel light and only bring a carry-on, and one personal bag. So whatever I select to wear would have to fit in one of those two pieces of luggage. The dresses would have to be able to unroll, shake and wear or only need light ironing. The most difficult thing would be the shoes–you know the drill. There is one pair to make the statement, and the other solely for comfort. I wanted no complication for this trip so I picked two pairs of shoes that would work for all of my attire for the entire trip and decided I would wear my comfortable shoes traveling to and from.

I knew there was only one great piece of luggage that would work: my Tumi short-Trip 26-Inch expandable suitcase that could accommodate all my belongings. It is durable, while sleek.

What’s In Your Beauty Bag

Once that was out of the way–the thing that matters most for me was my beauty bag–I am so glad I got a new Keyper bag, needless to say, I have the three-pack to fit all my beauty goods, which was chic enough to work with my outfit but practical enough to wear with my more casual attire. It can hold my cellphone, lipstick, compact and other beauty goods while comfortably being on my risk while we celebrate for the next three days of my trip.

Gift Giving Beauty and Grooming Items

Now that I have everything all sorted out, I must think of fun gifts to give to the couple, my friend–the groom who I adore dearly. So, in thinking of what he would need most or enjoy, I thought I would keep it light and simple. Gentlemen, keep this in mind, “make time for self-care”, before the wedding, during your marriage, and together with your new life partner.

Remember you don’t have to lose yourself or your identity in the union of marriage, you simply need to be thoughtful. Ask yourself can some of my interests and preferences be enjoyed with my beloved? It’s important that you maintain the friendship you developed and will hold it dear as you did pre-marriage, friendship is key well beyond your wedding day.

When choosing your items to give to the groom, remember to evaluate how well you know him–ask yourself questions that will ensure he will feel the thoughtfulness of the gifts you are giving. It is only a gift if it means something to both of you and is useful to the receiver. Personal items such as watches, grooming sets, and drinking sets can always be useful.

For the bride, the advice is the same– give her something that she will appreciate and hold dear, it can be something personal to the both of you. You can rarely go wrong with a Bottega Veneta clutch purse that comes in various colors filled with essential beauty items for her wedding day and beyond. And, of course, you can never go wrong with books.

Remember, as you jet-set to your own wedding or that of your best friend, do it with purpose and with intention. Make every moment count with the ones you love. Be mindful to go through this life with grace and style.

WBM Travels will continue to bring you wonderful excursions every Tuesday. Until the next time, travel light and travel safely.

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