Writing A Vision for Marriage

On the first days of school, every child pulls out fresh notebooks and pencils from their stylish bookbags. The entire day shuffling from class to class always involved the same task. Writing down notes that were intended to help us study. Also to keep us on track for where the teacher is guiding us throughout the year.

As adults, if we want to commit to memory or to direct a person’s actions we write down the instructions or the rules. Writing is attached to every area of life within every facet of systems. So, why not write down your vision for marriage?

As we move through life circumstances many distractions can arise. Births, deaths, business, and personal matters can easily push us outside of the intended vision. Subconsciously we move along with the ebbs and flows of life. Perhaps keeping them written and in plain sight will give us a physical reminder of the overall goals.

If we are seeking healthy unions and blissful partnerships then maybe we should put down on paper the blueprint, the schematics, the plan. That way the goals of the marriage remain clear and a priority.

Would you build a house, a business, or even have a baby without some form of a plan? Even during the conception of childbearing, those nine months become critical to preparing a place to receive. The same goes for us in every aspect of life. Our spiritual, financial, and familial growths do not happen without a plan. A plan symbolizes our expectations to receive. Also serving as our reminder to manage well what we have worked so hard for.

It’s rather simple actually, a well-written plan gives us the life we desire. Of course, life happens and we must adapt but the goal remains the same only the way is adjusted.

Would you consider writing your plan for marriage even before you meet the spouse? If you have please share some of what you have placed down as your wants and desires. If you haven’t would you consider it perhaps it will be a start for the manifestation of the spouse you truly desire?

As always the goal is to grow stronger and wiser and we accomplish this by sharing our thoughts with one another. I am excited to learn what you have written down toward your marriage vision.

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