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“Where did you purchase the engagement ring?” is amongst many of the nerve-wracking questions a groom, or groom-to-be, will have to answer. Searching for the perfect ring which represents your love should be a no-brainer right? I can probably speak for a lot of grooms by mentioning that the easiest part of the nuptial process is going to be getting on one knee. Then finding the energy to get up the first day after your wedding which begins the rest of both your lives. But today we are talking about the engagement process and the task behind finding the perfect ring.

Fellas, if you’re in love or had the privilege of tasting such a savory dish, then we can all pinpoint the moment we knew for certain that we were with the person we were meant to spend the rest of our life with. Coming to that realization can cause jolts of excitement filled with joy mixed with fear all in an instant. But this sensational moment is something that must be handled with delicate care.  These thoughts will move you to take action in fulfilling this beautiful epiphany the best way possible so that you and your beloved will cherish all your days ahead. But how do you prioritize what’s important in this upcoming process? What do you look for in terms of finding the perfect ring? Questions that will involve you taking into consideration quality, size, and desired budget. Which will force you to become familiar with “the four C’s” a term you should become familiar with describing the process of finding the right ring for the occasion. One thing you will come to appreciate is that the engagement ring does not have to be limited to a diamond ring–it can include colored stones, rare stones, and semi-precious stones.

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Educate Yourself Before Getting Your Diamond

The Cut of the stone determines how a natural diamond interacts with the light, according to the experts at Natural Diamonds. You want the light to gleam gracefully off your bride-to-be, each sparkle representing a portion of how your love shines. You have spent months possibly years getting to love your partner more and more, creating trails of beautiful memories the two of you will share now and in the years to come. The cut and precision is artistry in itself and finding the particular cut take time and effort when matching this piece of the puzzle.

The Carat is the second of the four c’s which is the measurement of a natural diamond’s weight. When deciding this, note if you want her to have the ease of lifting her ring hand up or if you don’t mind increasing its weight with every milligram weighing the subtle reminder of the effort you put into your love.

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Clarity refers to a natural diamond’s absence of inclusions or blemishes. This happens when a diamond is formed when pressure is applied along with extreme heat during its formation all of this taking place deep within the earth. So the fewer blemishes that are left after the creating process then the more valuable that diamond becomes. Your diamond should be as flawless as your bride will be walking down the aisle.

Color is the final detail of the 4c’s. The color grade often reveals a natural diamond’s lack of hue. This means the less color you see in the diamond the increase of value. Keep in mind most diamond rings will have a hint of yellow or brown tones so choose accordingly.

Now that you have a list of the basic information–the hardest part of choosing your wedding ring will now be setting a budget. Keep them all in mind and carry them with you on this journey. Choosing the right ring is one of the most important steps in this joyous process, but never forget the love which is the nucleus of this blessed custom and the direct and indirect source of everything else which revolves around it.

Some brands you might want to visit in the process of shopping that will make this process easier and more educational: Cartier, Tiffany’s, De Beers Diamond, H. Stern, Harry Winston, Van Cleef & Arpel, Piaget, David Yurman the usual suspects.

But don’t x out the non-traditional brands such as Mikimoto for a pearl option, Alexia Connellan for beautiful colored gem options, and Chanel Fine Jewelry to name a few of the options. Your mission is to create your own tradition while supporting brands that are proud to build their legacy on being responsible when sourcing their diamonds or precious stones, expertly crafted diamond rings that celebrate love in all its splendor.

Invest wisely.

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