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That’s you smelling like that?“ You smell great” is universally the best of many compliments one can receive. What follows next is ‘what scent’ and why don’t I have this already? But I pose a different question to you dear reader. What goes into picking the right fragrance? What statement do you look to make when deciding which fragrance compliments who you are? But before we get too in depth, let’s go over a few basics of the scent and everyday hygiene.

Grooming Into it Now I take it you’re reading an article titled “the scent” that your basic level of hygiene is up to par, so going over the importance of showering, brushing teeth and moisturizing your ankles daily would be pointless. But every now and then we could use friendly reminders, so this is that.
Now after you finish showering before you put on any lair of clothes, studies show putting on cologne while the body is damp allows the fragrance to get deeper into the pores causing a longer lasting scent throughout the day. Just think, if your daily life has you at a higher volume pace why not add a more pleasant fume that escapes those pores. Kilian’s latest parfum Apple brandy has been a scent I can’t seem to get enough of. Layering a warmer yet fitting tone to the brisk air in colder climates.

What Am I Looking For Now when looking for that perfect choice you want to know which type of fragrances are stronger and which have the least effect after spraying. Eau de toilette and eau de parfum are two out the five most commonly used perfume or cologne fragrances, the reason being is the percentage of oil placed during the mixing stage which then determines the duration each scent lasts. De toilet carries 15 percent oil which when properly sprayed has a five hour linger time. Now if you have a full day ahead of you and can only get one spray in the morning because stuffing it at the bottom of your bag isn’t quite your style, then fragrances which fall under the parfum label are what fits you better. The likes of Diptyque’s latest Orphéon Eau De Parfum comes to mind and all other parfums all lasting a stunning full shift of 6-8 hours.

Just That Simple As someone who cycles purchasing a new cologne every 3 months, the one thing I can highly recommend is don’t overthink what you like. Try directing your focus on whether you want it to be subtle, but enough to where the closest in your vicinity get a whiff of it, or loud enough to smell you from a block away. A science is something that goes into creating the fragrance but rocket science is not what it should be when choosing the scent for you.

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