Is Tossa de Mar worth visiting?…definitely yes!!

The old town of Tossa de Mar is a mandatory stop for those who wish to know one of the best settings at Costa Brava in Spain. It is located a few kilometers from Barcelona and the border with France. The area concentrates attractions for all tastes and ages.

Fishing boats at Gran Platja beach in Tossa de Mar, Catalunya, Spain (Ph La Vanguardia )

The Castle & Town

This walking tour is perfect for the afternoon, since when the light in these tiny streets turns on, the place becomes even more charming. (PH tourist office )

The castle of Tossa de Mar is the emblematic building in this small town. It can be accessed by a wide ramp from where you can also enjoy exceptional views. The way up is decorated with small restaurants and tiny houses that seem to be taken out of old tales. This walking tour is perfect for the afternoon, since when the light in these tiny streets turns on, the place becomes even more charming.

The path is also decorated by ruins of what once used to be a church and castle, as well as old cannons which are usually covered with plenty of children climbing over them.Once at the top, the lookout point has a small restaurant where you can sit and hang out.

Hollywood spot! On the way up to the castle, there is a monument to actress Ava Gardner. It is a small lookout point with a full-length statue of her. This was a tribute from the people of Tossa del Mar for her part in “Pandora and the Flying Dutchman”

The beach

The beach in Tossa de Mar is extraordinarily beautiful. As in all the Costa Brava, the water is clear, calm and blue. It has the authentic and intense “Mediterranean blue” color and it is common to see the horizon decorated with small boats. 

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Due to the water conditions, added to the underwater rocky landscape, this beach turns out to be an ideal place for diving. Therefore, there are some companies dedicated to teaching initiation diving techniques.

Romantic dinners

As the temperature at night is unbeatable, there is no better spot for a honeymooners’ romantic date in front of the beach like this one. In Tossa de mar, you may find restaurants like for example a traditional “Chiringuito” which is set up only during the summer and over the sand at the Mar Menuda beach. Also, you can find traditional Mediterranean restaurants that are worth knowing. 

Local information

Visiting Tossa de Mar may be a great weekend experience because in addition to the beach and the town, the area includes some walking tours for those who love nature paths. 

The tourist office website offers information about the main activities:

I highly recommend you visit this virtual tour:

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