59 Days –The Drums are Beating..There Is a quiet Storm Coming-Nana Eyson Brings It

Yes I know I said I wouldn’t be gone for long but give a sistah a break. I got, a house to maintain, a man to feed, school finals to take and most of all a wedding list that keeps growing by the minute SIGH 🙁 For the record If your name is the only name on an invitation guess what? YOUR THE ONLY ONE INVITED!

Now don’t get me wrong with only 59 days left until my big day I know that I am divinely blessed, but dear God people are testing my patience. So here’s my update:
1.We sent out our invitations to all 253 of our guests, and I honestly loved my invitations as they were in line with our entire design mantra of BEAUTIFUL, ELEGANT and CLEAN. I’ve been so blessed to have some really talented friends, my girl Pinda Romain who is pregnant with twins but still finds time to design and create all of our stationary for the wedding did a fantastic job. The girl is just so talented. Love ya Pin
2. I am still on my fitness kick and thanks to Carlos at Maplewoodbootcamp.com and 2 days a week at the gym, I am on my way to achieving the infamous Michelle Obama body minus her ass that is.
3. I went in for my 1st dress fitting earlier this month at Priscilla of Boston in NY and I could so see the progress YEAH! But more importantly I felt goose bumps when I tried on my dress,not sure why as I am not the Carl Thomas type…Emotional that is. But something about having on the dress, veil and the shoes just pulled it all together for me.
4.  I purchased my undergarments, and though that experience deserves its own blog I must tell you that the lady at Orchard St. Corset (157 Orchard Street btw Rivington & Stanton 212.674.0786) was a God sent. In the past I’ve gone to Victoria Secret but the secret was they’ve never and I mean never have my exact size for a strapless.
So a friend of mine told me about this spot but until you go in and experience getting your breast sized up by a Hasidic Jewish woman, wig and all. In a corner of a store divided by a sheet on string, you my friends have not experienced anything. The place is no bigger than a NY minute and it is stacked from floor to ceiling with boxes of bras of every size. And the owner’s wife who of course does all the sizing because they are Hasidic is just brilliant. She took one look at me and in two try’s she had my “boobies” in the best strapless bra I’ve ever worn in my 19 years of wearing a bra. It fit like a glove and yes I’ve been wearing a bra for that long.
5. My fiance purchased his tux, and though in the beginning we didn’t think we would find something in our price range we were so lucky. As he was able to purchase two tux’s. One he got at a sample sale for you guessed it $80 bucks and though that was a steal it wasn’t the one he really wanted. And if you know Aki you know he’s always willing to sacrifice but I wanted him to feel and look just as good as the day I feel in love. So we took our first trip out to Woodbury Commons and boy what an experience. Who knew this NY staple had every designer from Gap to Valentino, it’s like Disney World for shoppers. After 4 hours of shopping around he ended up buying the exact Hugo Boss Red Label tux and Hugo Boss shoes he fell in love with at the flagship store for under $600 bucks. Gotta love a recession 🙂
Though my “to do” list still has a ton of stuff to check off, I feel good about the progress we’re making 🙂
Ya’ll pray for me!

Nana Eyeson

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