New York Just Got Sweeter-Have Breakfast, Lunch and Supper At Tiffany’s

The branding on that blue box is unequivocally one of the most recognizable brand  by everyone on this planet. Very much like the check mark of of Nike, you don’t need to say the name of the brand, even if you see the words Just Do It you relate it right back to Nike.  You just do!

The color number, 1837, is the blue Pantone created for Tiffany specifically.  The color is synonymous to the brand. Founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany, who was later named the King of diamonds in 1877.

In 1886 the engagement ring of today as we know it was introduced by Charles Lewis, Tiffany undoubtedly has etched a name for itself, and the brand has inspired many and continues to live far beyond its creator.


On November 8, 2017 the iconic store did it again.  They unveiled the highly anticipated renovation cafe, home section on the fourth floor at its Fifth Avenue flagship store.  Might we mention it is Tiffany’s first ever retail dining concept perfectly named, The Blue Box Cafe.

The  floor is beautifully curated, making it very homelike, filled with beautiful objects that can be great for your everyday use, or that  will make the most delightful gifts to its recipients.  The floor is home to Tiffany’s new luxury Home & Accessories collection as well as a baby boutique, sterling silver hollowware, a selection of vintage books curated by our favorite publishers Assouline and a Tiffany fragrance laboratory.

Getting a reservation may be a bit challenging but be patient.  It is so worth the experience. The carefully platted and  well presented meal was made special by executive Chef Jason Hnang.

Much to my delight I thoroughly enjoyed the meal as much as I did the presentation along with the great customer service I received from the moment I checked in.

There was a waiting period as reservations are a bit of a challenge to get.  But, the living room, lounge area were filled with collectors item books by Assouline which made my waiting absolutely delightful.  But feel free to shop they have items that are worth the blue bag and boxes they are presented in.

The design of the cafe was not intimidating or overly done, but there was a modern, chic feeling about it, with a definite touch of elegance that you expect from Tiffany’s.

So we recommend starting early to book your reservation at  So as soon as you get the email that says “The Table You Requested at The Blue Box Cafe at Tiffany May Be Available”.  Click on it quickly, because there is about 1,400 people waiting for that time slot.


The menu changes seasonally. They use the freshest of ingredients that are regionally sourced.

The space only seats 40 people so making it intimate, and special all  at the same time. Reservations can not be made at the restaurant so don’t try to walk in unless you have the app and want to take the chance and see if someone doesn’t show and you are quick with the fingers.  We highly recommend start well in advance.

So for those of you who want to pop the question at Tiffany’s after buying the ring, this may be the best engagement to go down after the scene from Sweet Home Alabama.

It makes a great spot to take the prospective new in-laws for a nice meal.  I went with my new bestie, always a lady Angela.

Bon Apetit.


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