Complete Engagement Ring Guide

The temperatures are cooler, the festivities are gearing up, presents being wrapped and perhaps a scent of cinnamon and holiday cheer are in the air. The holiday season is the busiest season for marriage proposals, with December having the highest proposal rate taking the (wedding) cake at 19%.

As you’re planning for your own proposal, here’s a quick and thorough guide to selecting the perfect engagement ring to pop the question with a celebrated piece that will last an eternity of love and wonderment.

While I am one to believe in investing in a piece that the beholder will cherish for a lifetime, I also believe in not breaking the bank just to pick the biggest rock on the block. Remember, the ring itself is a token of love, not the actual love itself. A personal financing tip: spend what you have without putting yourself into debt, and before getting married, have in depth conversations about finances prior. This will help you both have an equal understanding of money, expenses, your personal financial status, debts, and spending habits prior to tying the knot.

In addition to price, there are quite a few factors that determine how you’ll shop for a ring and what you’ll be looking for.

Here’s a list of questions to help you started:
1. Order online, or head to a store?
2. Go with a name brand store, or a certified jeweler?
3. What kind of stone are you seeking: diamond, gemstone, or simply a band? 4. What kind of metal: gold, rose, or white gold, platinum?
5. What shape of stone are you seeking: (round, princess, cushion, oval, emerald, pear, marquise?
6. What “Four C’s” of a diamond stone are you looking for: cut, color, clarity, carat weight?

* if seeking to have external link on details, reference:

Being married twice, there’s a thing or two I’ve learned being on the receiving side of a ring to add as a bonus.

Ensure the ring you’re purchasing also fits the lifestyle of your bride to be. If the bride is constantly using her hands and having a huge, princess cut with a prong setting and sharp edges will just have her taking the ring off, then it’s not super functional for her lifestyle.

Get the ring from a certified jeweler that ensures it comes with a valid certificate.

Last but not least, ensure she either loves surprises, you know her taste to a tee or she’s given you some hints of exactly what she’d want. Rings lose their value almost instantly off the floor and it’d be a pricey return.

Cheers to the most wonderful time of the (engagement season) year!

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