The Perfect Location In The Heart Of Arezzo 

Today we introduce to one of Italy’s beautiful Tuscan cities, Arezzo. And when we discuss Arezzo and we cannot help but talk about food, wine, and location. Some of the essential aspects for the success of any great wedding may have started with the proposal over dinner. I present to you La Bottega di Gnicche. This quaint family-owned and operated business is located in the heart of Arezzo. It is positioned in one of the most dynamic areas from a cultural and gastronomic point of view– the center of the busiest center of attraction.

The restaurant has a character like that of the owner, it is a welcoming place to all–locals and travelers. And has been managed by Angioletta, the owner, since May 2007, who, thanks to her foresight, has managed to get the place off the ground over the years, supported by an all-female staff, something they are very proud of. It is an experience that must be had by all visitors who come to this quaint town of Arezzo.

One of the strengths of this delightful place is its location. The restaurant overlooks Piazza Grande in Arezzo, one of the most beautiful squares in Italy. There you can taste the typical products of this wonderful region, comfortably having a front-row seat to the attractions that are in its center. A place full of art and history, and of course you are enjoying this while sipping good wine.

The terracotta floor and rough stone walls are the masterpieces that invite us to dive into the artistic talents of the past that have been preserved for our enjoyment. Keep in mind that in Italy, food is synonymous, therefore while you may be enjoying the visual works of the artists, remember food is an expression of love and art for Italians. Inside this delightful eatery La Bottega di Gnicche in Arezzo, you can taste and appreciate cheeses and cold cuts typical of the area, but the menu includes classic recipes of Tuscan cuisine such as various appetizers, pappardelle, ravioli, truffles, pappa al pomodoro, always starting from raw materials fresh and tasty, all freshly made. The service offered aims to make you feel at home but at the same time in a well-kept and refined environment. The location of this small restaurant in Arezzo makes it perfect for small events of all kinds. If you are looking for a place to spend an intimate evening, this is the right place.

The Ideal Time To Visit Arezzo

As a seasoned tour guide to the region, I strongly suggest spring and autumn are the ideal periods, the right temperature, and allow you the luxury of leisurely strolls so you can appreciate the atmosphere of the square. The picturesque views will allow you ample opportunities to take pictures with unique views. In fact, this square is a mix of styles, depending on where you look, we find ourselves in the Middle Ages or in the Renaissance, all embellished by historic buildings, from the apse of the Pieve and the loggias of Vasari, unique in its kind. 

At this point, I invite you to see for yourself and taste for yourself what the Piazza and Bottega di Gnicche have to offer. 

Come see me in Arezzo, there is so much to discover.


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