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A bride’s jewelry is more than just ornamentation; it is a potential heirloom that carries a timeless legacy. Every aspect of the bridal occasion is a couples’ harmonious opportunity to craft an original story, create a timeless sentiment and freedom to present a compelling display of impeccable beauty. Pieces shown can represent tokens of love, celebratory gifts, treasures to share, a connoisseurs collectables and so much more. No matter the intention, precious metals, from natures artless soil, will artfully ‘speak’ their unique voice of rare beauty.

This “Papillion” bracelet represents a gold branch nestling a cluster of flowers attracting delicately winged diamond butterflies.

This set represents bountiful tropical foliage casted in white diamond marquis leaves wreathed into a crown, or necklace, drop earrings or as the “Verdure Eartops” shown in the center.

At my recent coverage of FHCM’s Paris Haute Couture Shows, among the top three fashion weeks in the world, I met with Indian Women’s wear designer Rahul Mishra. It was a celebratory presentation as Mishra is the first Indian designer to showcase on the Haute Couture platform. A victory for him, his family, his brand and his country. See our feature on Rahul Mishra’s collection here. What was an honorable gesture was how the designer shared this platform to showcase two fine jewelry brands; Mehta & Sons and Anjali Bhimrajka Fine Jewels. Mishra mentioned, “It is an opportunity of great creative freedom to be able to celebrate our definition of couture … I find joy in the blurring of boundaries between fashion, art and poetry”. It was poetic indeed to see the composition of the collective inspiration of these three brands presented at Mishra’s Spring 2020 Haute Couture collection focused on the ‘Homage to Nature’.

Emerald leaves and large pearl bear the body of this bird along with fine diamonds perched on a platinum ring. The “Monarch Brooch” renders the butterfly in color and movement.

The rising diamond feathered, ruby Phoenix perched on a hand carved gold ring and the “Cacatua” ring using topaz, rubies diamonds and yellow gold.

The “Bodhi” ring and bracelet carry a family of elephants carved in pure gold then polished in the animals natural color. The use of topaz, yellow diamonds, pearls as tusks, green and pink sapphire are exquisitely displayed.

This platinum ring captures a field of tsavorites, emerald stones and gold grass while The “Emerald Crane” dons white diamonds and a large emerald cabochon on its back.

The “Larval” bracelet reimagines the caterpillar using different size stones to masterfully synchronize its movement. Each brand represented their sentiment to the natural world and their precious pieces appreciate the beauty, intricacy and harmony it gives us. These two luxury companies have taken a sustainable pathway away from the traditional approach towards jewelry development. Instead of accentuating the precious materials, they pivoted towards nature as the highlight literally and abstractly.


Dr. Bhimrajka shares an occasion where Mishra approached her for a particular accessory he was drawn to. A three-dimensional family of elephants sculpture on a bracelet; called the “Bodhi” bracelet. In India, elephants symbolize great wisdom. Narendra Mehta shares about the intricate detailing shown on the Phoenix made from fine diamonds and a natural ruby to represent the rising fire in the body of the legendary creature. Mehta’s daughter presented the seashell inspired “Pinnidae” earrings, that are both “traditional Indian style updated with a modern taste”, featuring over two thousand diamonds. Bhimrajka and Mehta happily share a friendship of 60 years. There is a unique quality in all of their pieces. Mehta boasts, “the ‘crafts-smiths’ have been with us almost 60-80 years; the time when their grandfathers worked with our grandfather” so the preserved techniques and handwork passed down attribute to the elaborate and ornate results seen in the pieces shown. A rich legacy indeed should be honored, respected and joyfully passed along so the coming generation appreciates and values the work.

The “Secret Garden” bracelet is a blooming rose that consists of over seventeen hundred rubies on a winded stem created using white-rose diamonds and tsavorite gems.


A floral cluster of solid precious metal and the “Pinnidae” seashell waving earrings.

Anjali Bhimrajka Fine Jewels a luxury label and élite design house for exquisite custom-made jewelry owned by a woman with a lovely and humble disposition. We met backstage at Rahul Mishra’s show. Dr. Anjali Bhimrajka shared her most impressive background and experience with me. Anjali holds a Ph.D. in medicine. She also holds a second-degree black belt in martial arts. Business and profession aside, Anjaili decided to explore her childhood creativity through the craft of jewelry making. As a young girl, she’d often help her grandmother organize their ancestral jewelry collection that inspired her to sketch and re-interpret these vintage pieces. This pursuit led her to graduate from the Gemological Institute of America. Launching her luxury brand of eclectic heirloom inspired designs, Anjali Bhimrajka is the most sought after designers of bespoke jewelry.

Narendra Mehta is the 3rd generation jeweler of Mehta and Sons. What a pleasure it was to meet him and an inspiration to meet his son and daughter whom he is grooming as the 4th generation to inherit this dynasty. MEHTA & SONS is a time-honored name in India known for its grandeur and opulence since 1931. The brand has a 90 year-old legacy dating to Saantrajji Mehta; whose dream was to become a luxury jeweler in India. Later passed on to his son, Mannoharji Mehta preserving the family legacy, brought his son Narendra on at the age of 16 as his apprentice. Rightfully receiving his inheritance, Narendra put his skills and fascination to practice pursuing his degree in the appraisal of precious gems and diamonds from prominent laboratories around the world. After a decade of training, his father bestowed Narendra his company ensuring the family name captures, maintains and masterfully surpasses the same magnificence and regalia his great grandfather established.

As the models are adorned by these jewels, sensibly enhancing Mishra’s gowns, envision how luxury ornamentation can present you as a walking work of art during your wedding season.

As each couple contributes their distinct voice towards the unveiling of their day, the message is clear: ‘We want to stand out’. Men looking for a strikingly distinguished look and women wanting to be as divine and enchanting as a heavenly body. As your destination and resource for luxury lifestyle, our experiences in global travel and authentic interviews with luxury goods companies help you stand out. We are able to present you curated product and services for a bespoke wedding in a class of its own. For your planning season, check out our vetted vendors at WORLDBRIDEMAGAZINE. For more information on Anjali Bhimrajka Fine Jewels, visit For more information on Mehta and Sons, visit and be sure to mention World Bride Magazine.

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