What’s In Your Beauty Bag: Blessed Banana

As the weather starts to change, we will need more moisturizers for our skin, hair, and nails. With the amount of products on the market it is increasingly getting more challenging to find the right one for you. Don’t fret. You have the WBM team as your eyes and ears to assist you. We had the honor of testing Blessed Banana products, particularly the Crown Of Glory vegan hair and scalp serum, which have proven to be a revelation in the realm of hair care. Founded by the talented and visionary Nadine Ramos, this brand stands out for its innovative approach to utilizing the natural benefits of bananas for hair health.

As a first-generation Panamanian Afro-Latina, Nadine Ramos brings a unique perspective to her products, celebrating her heritage and the rich traditions of Latinx culture. In doing so, she not only promotes diversity and representation in the beauty industry but also sheds light on the lesser-known benefits of bananas beyond their culinary uses.

The Crown Of Glory serum, infused with banana oil, is a true game-changer. It caters to a wide range of hair types, making it an inclusive solution for diverse hair textures. Whether you have dry, thirsty roots or are in search of a product that provides a beautiful glossy finish without feeling sticky, this serum delivers on all fronts.

One of the standout features of this serum is its incorporation of silica, a mineral element found in bananas. Silica plays a crucial role in collagen production, promoting strong and healthy tresses. This thoughtful inclusion sets Blessed Banana products apart, demonstrating a deep understanding of the science behind hair care.

Furthermore, the versatility of the Crown Of Glory serum is impressive. Not only does it work wonders on hair, but it also proves effective for beards. This dual functionality adds an extra layer of convenience and value for consumers looking for a multi-purpose product.

In addition to the exceptional quality of the product, the ethos of the Blessed Banana brand is commendable. It aligns with the growing trend of vegan and cruelty-free beauty, making it a conscious choice for individuals seeking ethical and sustainable options in their beauty routine.

Overall, Blessed Banana and its founder Nadine Ramos have introduced a truly remarkable product to the world of hair care. The Crown Of Glory serum showcases the power of natural ingredients, and Nadine’s dedication to celebrating her Latina heritage through innovative beauty solutions is both inspiring and admirable. This product is not only a testament to the effectiveness of banana-infused hair care but also a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of Latinx entrepreneurs in the beauty industry.

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