Inherent by Taylor Draper— The Optimistic Fashion Collection Helps Men’s Mental Health

Taylor Draper’s journey from graphic designer and branding specialist to fashion designer and founder of the menswear brand, Inherent, is a story of perseverance and overcoming mental health difficulties. It starts with a complex and stressful end of a relationship, which prompted him to see a therapist for the first time. Wanting to present himself in the best light, he dressed up for his first appointment, which made him feel put together. He realized how empowering a well-fitted suit can be and felt a calling to start a fashion business. He named his brand Inherent, but this guy sells much more than tailored suits. Along with the purchase of a made-to-order suit is a 360 experience of being pampered mentally and physically. The process of being fitted in an Inherent, made-to-order suit is not just about measurements and pinning—it goes way beyond.

Draper learned the craft of tailoring unconventionally. Because he was embarking on this during the pandemic, he used zoom as his learning device. He learned from his favorite tailors, who walked him through the nitty gritty of making menswear. The menswear community was trying to stay together and share knowledge during that time, so everyone was willing to teach. He had a textile specialist send him $2k worth of different fabrics and would zoom for hours a day— he’d teach Draper how to feel various materials and instantly know their composition. This sharing of expertise was unheard of, but because of his passion for learning, these professionals were very willing to share and teach. 

He sources fabrics for his menswear collection from textile mills worldwide—everywhere from Australia to Italy and more. Being in the menswear community, he’s met a lot of incredible mill owners and created relationships with over 100 fabric mills. 

Draper chose New York for his runway collection presentation for fall 2023, where he presented to a packed house in Midtown’s Manhattan Manor. Although there were female models on the runway, he didn’t make unique pieces for them—his collection is genderless. The collection focuses on traditional menswear but with an urban twist. 
Alongside selling clothing, he has a non-profit, Inherent Foundation, which assists men with mental health referrals. It is part and parcel of his ethos to help men with their mental health through dressing up. The internal spiritual examination of oneself can achieve good looks and a fine physical appearance. Talking about feelings is the first step in Draper’s mission for Inherent and for helping men. “The name INHERENT comes from the belief that confidence is INHERENT in everyone,” says Draper. Our clothes and experience help ignite that confidence in our clients. For now, his brick-and-mortar is in Colorado only, but he works with many of his clients on zoom, and he has plans to expand to major national cities.  He’s making a difference in men’s lives by dressing them one suit at a time.

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