Bridal Stylists Help You Find The Perfect Yes Dress

Engaged couples are involved in every minute aspect of their wedding taking it on as the epic art direction event of their lives. From the napkins to the cake frosting the couple has a myriad of choices trying to outdo their insta-feeds or friends. But some decisions need to have an objective eye especially when choosing a bridal look. Enter, Bridal Stylists whose goal is to make you a stunning and happy bride. A best friend, maid of honor, or parent may not be as objective as you think so it’s best to consider a Bridal stylist when planning your budget. They are your support from the first dress appointment, the fittings, the accessorizing, and the undergarments, to the actual day when the stylist makes certain that you look picture-perfect. During your portrait photos, they fix and fluff your dress and hair so that everything looks on point. The stylist will steam your gown and repair or fix any minor dress issues that can become big ones as the night goes on. They save the day with solutions to critical issues like a strap braking or an undergarment showing. They are your fashion support and well worth the money spent. Their only goal is to make you happy and have you look your best. 

This is the first in a series of interviews with bridal stylists. Interview with Francesca DiSpirito below

We interviewed Francesca Di Spirito, a Bridal Stylist with over 20 years of experience. She’s got critical information to know before you embark on your dress journey. 

Q. How do you determine what designer shops to bring your clients to find their wedding dress? 

A. Before I start any research or shopping for my client, we have detailed one-on-one calls or meetings regarding her vision for her wedding look as well as the wedding itself. It’s important to get to know my bride as a person before we even start to think about their wedding look. I want to know how you met your fiancé, how are you as a couple, and what are the things that bring you joy together and individually. How do you dress in your everyday life? What do you typically have in your closet already that makes you happy when you wear it? 

I can work with a bride for up to a year styling her entire wedding wardrobe, so I want to build a strong foundation together. It’s not only a business relationship for me, but also a friendship. I want my bride to feel like she’s got one of her closest friends guiding her throughout the styling/shopping process. After we establish a vision for her, through our calls & curated vision boards, I start to create a list of designers/boutiques that will showcase her aesthetic. So many brides overload themselves with going to too many boutiques just to say they saw everything. By doing that you’re overwhelming yourself with too many options, and many of them aren’t even the styles you’re wanting in the first place. It can get very confusing and exhausting quickly. I try to weed out the unnecessary overshopping by homing in on the designers who will gravitate to you and your style. I always tell my brides, I am not here to tell you what to wear, but rather what NOT to wear. You’re going to be the one making the final choice for you. 

Q. What do you feel is the most important about your client’s bridal look? 

A. When it comes to finding her bridal look and what makes it the “one” it’s all about how she feels in it. The glow that shines through when she feels her most confident will always come through. Everything else just falls into place when she feels that way about her gown. I often joke that you don’t pick your gown, the gown picks you. 

Q. In terms of alterations and fit, what is most critical? 

A. Finding your gown is half the job. Proper alterations are key when getting the gown to fit you perfectly. Unless you’re going down the custom or Bespoke route, most gowns are ordered in straight sizes. This means, that although the gown is ordered in your natural size, it isn’t going to be a perfect fit until it’s altered. I always remind my brides; that your gown starts as a template. It becomes your true gown after alterations. When working with your tailor/seamstress always make sure you share any thoughts or concerns you have during the fitting. The seamstress can only make proper adjustments if you tell her what you see or feel in the gown. Communication during the fitting process is key. Most brides have never experienced the alteration process to this level before, so a lot of it can be quite nerve-racking. Also, make sure you have the exact wedding shoe and correct undergarments before you start the fitting process. This gown is tailored specifically to your body at that time in your life. If you change your heel height or undergarment midway through the fittings, the gown will not fit the same way. 

Q. Are you limited by the location of the weddings? Do you do destination weddings and how is that different? 

A. I work with clients from all over the US and some internationally. Being based in NYC has its advantage because most of my clients want to shop here to find their wedding wardrobe as well as the mother of the bride/groom. So, it makes the most sense to work with a stylist based in NY. However, I have clients who want to shop locally at their location. In that case, I have relationships with boutiques throughout the U.S. and I can schedule appointments with no problem. 

I just came back from a 3-day wedding in Lake Como. It was so beautiful, and my bride was happy every day. It was so special for me to see the whole look come together and see the couple enjoy their special day. It’s why we do what we do as wedding professionals. All that hard work pays off just to see the couple and their guests enjoy the wedding experience. 

Francesca DiSpirito


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