Fine Jewelry Brands That You Should Know

The story of Oscar Massin goes way back to the 1800’s in Paris, and travels through time to the present day. Oscar Massin was born in Belgium in 1829 and worked as journeyman starting at age 12, obsessively crafting jewelry for Kings and Queens. He was dubbed “The Diamond Reformer” for the very unorthodox manner of using the gem in his designs and became well known.


Valentine’s Keepsakes For Luxury Lovers

e are many who hate the upcoming “Hallmark Holiday” for its forced expression of love every February 14 but although it’s difficult to pinpoint when the celebration of love day began we do know that it was way before Hallmark was in business. It may have begun in Ancient Rome—now that’s old. The day is quite a mystery and has been the subject of much speculation but it’s become an opportunity to express feelings of love.


Chanel’s Métier d’Arts Runway Show 2022

Since 2003 Chanel’s Métier D’Arts fashion shows celebrated the extraordinary artisan houses that painstakingly work on the components that go into a Chanel piece. Each of the 7 specialties drill down on a particular aspect of the final garment or accessory —embroidery, millinery, boot-making, to name a few


New York Bridal Week for Fall 2022 Weddings

There is a wedding boom upon us. Couples who have delayed the occasion are now in a flurry of planning activities, gathering family and friends to tie the knot. Post covid parties range from small to lavish affairs— the race to the altar is rooted in pent-up desire to move on with life. After a rough pandemic patch, the bridal industry is finally seeing a glimpse of the rainbow and now are ramping up for fall 2022 weddings.