Date the Look First!


Now that you have set the date, picked the venue, and found the perfect dress it’s all about the hair. And if you’re anything like me… those Hair “GODS” nearly drove me insane. At that time I was transitioning from a short pixie haircut and I had a few ideas of the look that I wanted.  Then the war began… Should I cut it or grow it?  What about color?  Maybe I’ll add hair extensions or wear a beautiful Nubian headpiece like Whitney Houston.


Whatever you decide make sure that you feel totally comfortable and confident. On one of the most important days of your life is not the time to second-guess yourself.

“Date” the style before you “Marry” it. What does that mean?  Make an appointment with your stylist for a test run to see if it’s exactly what you want.  Bring a few pictures of the look that you’re trying to achieve. It’s always important to share the visual idea of what you want with your hairstylist because sometimes what you describe isn’t how the hairstylist sees it. (I know from experience). Trust your stylist to help decide on the “I DO” look.


Here are a few tips in choosing the perfect hairstyle!

1. Share your ideas with your hairstylist. Also see what she/he recommends for your face and style of dress.

2. Bring pictures to show your hairstylist.

3. If you’re wearing a headpiece bring it with you for your pre-trial appointment.

4. Color your hair two/three weeks prior to the BIG DAY.

5. Don’t do anything too dramatic, such as a big chop or a drastic change in color.

6. Buy good quality hair extensions. I recommend AMF HAIR extensions.

7. Try to get your chemical services a week or two before the wedding.

8. Make sure that you feel confident with the hairstyle that you choose.


I hope that these few beauty tips go a long way! It’s your day. Have fun and be beautiful, CURLFRIENDS !

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