Wedding Inspiration from Africa

NANYUKI, KENYA-OCTOBER 17 A group of people performs African traditional folk dance -shutterstock_164435246

Wedding Inspiration from Africa

Are you looking for a way to create a unique and experiential wedding? The continent of Africa has long been a source of inspiration. The following African-themed tips are great ways to add some flare to your big day!

Beauty: From skincare to makeup and hair, beauty is one of the biggest components of an African wedding. The brides go through many beauty rituals in order to have that magic glow on their special day. These beauty treatments can include henna, various forms of waxing, and body scrubs.

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African Beauty

Food: African culinary art consists of a wide variety of food options rooted in generations of heritage and culture. Typically the food reflects to the guests how much thought went into the wedding planning, ensuring that they enjoy the wedding celebration as much as the bride and groom.

Selective focus image of a banana lentil salad, a vegetarian dish from South Africa. - shutterstock_66548119
Traditional African Dish

Dress: Vibrant and unique attire is one of the most important aspects of an African wedding. African wedding dresses come in a variety of styles and colors. For each of the multiple phases of traditional ceremonies, there is a different dress required and most are custom-made. Typically vibrant colored Ankara fabric is used to make most wedding outfits including that of the bride, mothers, and the bridesmaids. Even the bride and groom sometimes wear matching outfits of the same fabric as to not confuse who the “happy couple” is.

Two young beautiful African fashion models. - shutterstock_128584088
Beautiful African Fashion

Traditional Dance: There are a variety of African dances and rituals with as many rhythms and instruments as the cultures that make up this beautiful continent. Most of the traditional African dances are very joyous and done on happy occasions. Depending on the country, there are bridal dances, groom’s dances, and dances for the parents and bridal party. Traditional African dance is an exciting experience to witness.

NANYUKI, KENYA-OCTOBER 17 A group of people performs African traditional folk dance  -shutterstock_164435246
Traditional Music and Dance Festivities

Music: Music is a huge part of African weddings. It’s hard to do much dancing without the accompanying musical celebration. From the sanza and talking drum to the djeme and doumbek drums, these are just a few instruments that are key to African weddings. Along with instruments, singing is also a powerful tool that creates a melodious occasion.

For a truly unique and enjoyable wedding, incorporate one or two of the African elements above to ensure your wedding is memorable.

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