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In this state of the economy it may not be possible for one to go to a spa and get the full treatment. But there are things that can be done at home that can be a great substitute.

The concept behind the spa retreat is to provide a relaxing environment that rejuvenate in a stress free environment.

Carrie Reinagel, Spa Director at the Luxe Hotel Sunset Boulevard, a favorite retreat for celebrities, offers her “Spa-at-Home” suggestions for simple things that anyone can do to create a healthier and calming spa-like environment at home.

Carrie’s Top 10 Tips on How to Bring the Spa Home:

* Create a sacred altar space that speaks to you with items you find lovely—candles, bamboo, images of people you love, stones, shells, crystals, flowers.

* Store a foot massager and microwavable neck wrap under the coffee table—pull them out when you are watching TV.

* Working with the earth and seeing plants grow grounds you and reconnects you to the cyclical nature of life. Plant a windowsill herb garden, or a few vegetables.

* Learn and do simple self massage of hands, arms, and neck while you watch TV or stand in line.

* Go for a short walk each day or participate in a 10 minute workout tape or yoga tape.

* Once a week, allow one hour for an uninterrupted bath, full body dry brushing (keeps skin soft without lotion), hair mask, face mask, foot scrub, and nail polish change.

* Take time to do whatever you need to feel sexy and beautiful. If your hair is oily, sprinkle some baby powder on the roots which absorbs oil and make hair feel new. Spritz body with a toner or perfume.

* Make bedtime a ritual for nurturing your spirit. This is a great opportunity to re-center with self affirming rituals and comforting personal items such as silky pajamas, a good pillow and pillow spray.

* Keep baby wipes and homemade peppermint foot lotion by your bed so you can clean and massage your feet. Then, elevate your legs on a pillow while you read a soothing novel or meditate.

* Use a guided visualization or meditation tape to clear and focus the mind.

For more of Carrie’s tips go to: http://www.luxehotelsunsetblvd.com/spa.php
*Luxe Spa is managed by Be Well, Inc. www.thankyouandbewell.com

But for those who don’t mind spending the cash please don’t hesitate about indulging at Luxe Spa.

The Luxe Hotel Sunset Boulevard, a member of Luxe Worldwide Hotels, is an urban retreat located on seven acres of lush, pristine property perfectly perched at the intersection of Brentwood and Bel Air. With 160 spacious non-smoking guest rooms and suites, complimentary wireless Internet, an outdoor heated swimming pool, tennis court, fitness suite, Zen-inspired Spa, On Sunset Restaurant, and the Luxe Lounge, this pet-friendly hotel is just 12 miles from LAX Airport and the perfect choice for business or pleasure stays in Los Angeles.

Luxe Hotel Sunset Blvd. is located at 11461 Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles.
For reservations or additional information call (310) 476-6571, e-mail: sunset@luxehotels.com, or visit the website: www.luxehotelsunsetblvd.co

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