Wedding Bathroom Baskets Add a Sweet and Special Touch


We all know that wedding receptions are indeed a true celebration. This is a powerful celebration of two people who have been blessed with a love so deep that they will follow the traditions of their family, community, religion or create one to memorialize their wedding day.

Once you arrive at the wedding reception, the excitement has you eager to go through the planned festivities with grace. You have been thinking about this day for months, if not years. All of your family and friends are dotting over you and your groom, at this point it is impossible to even think about another detail.

Well, just as you have been excited about your special day… so have your guests, many of whom are from out of town or may not have thought past getting to the ceremony on time. All is well, glamorous and delightful, that is until your guest has some type of personal mishap with nothing to assist or make it better.

When someone has a crisis no matter how large or small, they ask someone for assistance, and if it is small enough the facility should be able to administer some type of first aid or you could have made certain there was a basket in the bathrooms that can counter whatever slight emergency might require attention.

Most of your guests will not have all the little amenities that you would find in your personal bathroom. Here is an opportunity for you to create a beautiful basket of little items that may address whatever their needs—for women and men.

Some of your seasoned guests will confidently expect that you will have a basket in the restroom to fix their small but important problem. What a wonderful accouterment, providing an elegant basket full of amenities sitting on the vanity with a note from the bride and groom that says to help yourself to whatever you need. What a thoughtful gesture.

There has yet to be a wedding where at least one guest needs some type of must-have products that they forgot or couldn’t bring to the reception. That one little appointment in his or hers bathroom essentials baskets will not only be helpful to your guests, but it also is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to acknowledge the needs of your guests who took time out of their busy lives to celebrate your big day and to make them feel welcome.

When you are putting together his and hers bathroom baskets for the reception, please consider making a separate emergency first aid kit. Many venues have them, but I would rather be safe than sorry. You might also want to consider having an emergency baby basket filled with disposable diapers, talcum powder, natural wipes and one or two disposable bottles.

Great bathroom basket items are tailored to your taste and budget. I believe you can make these delightful baskets out of flower planters or pots, wicker baskets for the kitchen or wooden baskets for your outdoor patio. It is what you put in them and how you appoint them that will be remembered.

I would recommend getting started early, to catch sales or in-store promotions. Remember the baskets can only be so big so make certain you check out the bathrooms; take a photo, measure the counter size and don’t forget your venue liaison’s approval.

Here are a few basic items that I love in baskets: pain relief – ibuprofen, stomach aides – tums, Band-Aids, contact lens solution, aerosol deodorant, wet wipes – without perfume, bottled hand lotion, bottled hand soap, small disposable tooth brushes, floss, Q-tips, hair spray, small sewing kits, safety pins, Shout Wipes or Tide Pen, lint brush, mints, feminine hygiene products (tampons, pads), hair comb and brush, hair elastics, bobby pins, assorted nail files, travel manicure kit, nail polish remover, blotting papers, makeup remover wipes, cotton balls, anti-bacterial gel or wipe, eye Drops and/or contact lens solution, or some type of light body spray.

The overall design is in the holder of these precious items; either a wicker, ceramic, willows, metal, corrugated boxes or create your own. The finishing touch would be the signage near or in the basket. You can also make and frame cute little thank-you notes, descriptive signs or perhaps write a lovely memorable poem to place near or in your bathroom baskets.

Either way, it is the little appointments that will be enjoyed and remembered.

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