Meet The Hanks–For Better & Worse, It Only Got Better

“Through sickness and in health…”, are words that is famously recited in every wedding vow. If you’re fortunate the challenges usually comes a few years after the wedding, just because life happens. unforeseen circumstances. Not for Erica and John. Their challenge began before they even walked down the aisle. But nothing was going to stop this union. Erica was determined to stand by his side. John’s love was so deep for Erica, he was willing to spare her the hurt and pain of caring for him, and face his health crisis alone without his love.

But as things would have it, they both decided they were better together. Their love story continues to grow and we hope it will inspire you and your beloved as you plan to tie the knot yourselves.

For these two, love was truly unconditional and their commitment to each other couldn’t have been any stronger for each other.

Full name

Erica Selma Marton (Hanks) & John Hanks


Social Media Director & Director of Operations 

Cultural Background

I am Hungarian/Native Alaskan, and John is four generations American from MidWest.  Descendants of Swedish and German heritage. 

How did you both meet?

We met at Sand Harbor Marina (tiki bar) Pompano Beach, Florida says Erica.

How John remembers it, “At our local beach bar in Pompano Beach. This was a local spot that we both spent time at and have great memories there.”

When did you know he/she was the one?

“Three months – John had a health problem & I knew I would fight by his side for life. It was an eye opener. When you know, you know.” I can’t imagine life without him…then or now.

“Not sure at what moment but you just know. Life is full of ups and downs, Finding that person that not only wants to share those moments but can also handle them” says John.

Where did you get married?

Florida Botanical Garden. We had a harpist & it felt very magical.

What was the most important thing for you when planning your wedding?

Photos & videographer – For me I wanted that for us, so in the years to come we can look back and smile. Family. We wanted everyone to have fun! Yes you are here to celebrate us, but just having everyone together was exciting! At the end it turned out exactly how we planned – good food, family/close friends, music & lots of love! 

For me, actually yes I wanted to look amazing and I wanted John to look amazing! But really I wanted our guests to FEEL amazing, I looked forward to seeing everyone dolled up – I wanted everyone to feel special on our day! We’re a bit older its not everyday we can put on a pretty gown or tux/suit – so I wanted that for them & it turned out , it worked! 

The days leading up to the wedding were so fun, all the girls sending me pictures of their dresses and such 

What tips do you have  for couples planning their wedding

I would say there are many outlets for couples to do many things like party favors and such. When the time comes alot of friends & family want to help! Even if its a simple task like trying to find candles at the last minute!  The day of your wedding theres so many people telling you congratulations and the day is all about you as a couple BUT without all those family and friends cheering you on what is there? Lets just celebrate life and be very thankful 

Gentlemen, John has some very wise advise for you all. “You both need to get involved. Set a budget and have a plan. Do not get hung up on the small details it will all work out. “

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