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Photographed by Ezequiel De La Rosa
Photographed by Ezequiel De La Rosa


Many brides-to-be ask me how to ensure a beautiful, timeless look for their big day and they want to know what they can start doing now to get that youthful glow. The first thing I tell them is to start seeing a local licensed esthetician at least six months prior to the wedding. Getting gorgeous skin does not come from just using the “right ” foundation. It takes time to regenerate new skin and correct flaws (if necessary).

Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin. The key to having a flawless look is to focus on skincare treatments and to initiate a strong skincare regimen at home. There are a number of treatments one can consider, based on each individual’s skin and its condition. Here are a few:

Dry Skin:  

The key is in hydrating facials. Yonka’s hydralessence facial is 60 minutes of pure hydrating bliss. If your face is tight, stinging, dry or flaky, this product is a great way to put moisture and hydration back into the skin. Your face receives hydration at every step of this facial treatment, while a gentle exfoliation removes dead skin—the main cause of dryness—and exposes newly hydrated skin.

Another route is the lactic peel. Glo Therapeutics offers a gentle chemical peel that uses lactic acid (derived from milk) to gently remove dead skin, soften fine lines and help the skin retain water. The result is a lovely, dewy look. It’s also a great treatment for mature or aging skin (so Mom can look great too) that’s gentle enough to do every four to six weeks.

Sensitive/Eczema/Rosacea Skin: 

These skin types can have beautiful, glowing, hydrated skin, too. You may think your skin is too sensitive, but the SkinMedica Vitalize PeelÒ is a great way to gently exfoliate your skin when it is too sensitive for more aggressive peels or treatments. Another option is the use of gentle enzymes, like Glo Therapeutics Flower Enzyme peel.  It uses hibiscus flowers and other natural ingredients to gently slough off dull skin.

Oily/Congested/Acneic Skin:  

This skin type can seem as if there is no hope from shining, large pores and frequent breakouts. Salicylic acid or Modified Jessner peels are great for skin that may seem like it’s out of control—but really it’s just oily skin plagued with blemishes and blackheads. These remedies also help to lighten acne scars and smooth out the texture of this skin while also shrinking pores.

Beautiful skin can be achieved. The key is to begin treating your face at least four to six months before your big day and following a good skincare regimen. A part of being a beautiful bride is putting your best face forward on that day. Proper planning, skin treatments and a repairing skin care regimen not only help you achieve that flawless face you deserve on that day, but every day after as you become a Mrs.


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