The Art of Gift Giving and Entertaining At Bernardaud

The New Meaning of Balling... Bernardaud
The New Meaning of Balling... Bernardaud

Yes, giving gifts is an art. How?   If it is not something valuable to both the giver and the receiver then it is not truly a gift.   If it is not meaningful, it is not a gift.  If there is no effort put into the process, it is not a gift.
A gift is not earned. Its’ motivation is purely out of love… Thus the reason why I have fallen head over heels for Bernardaud.  Bernardaud, the leading manufacturer and exporter of porcelain in France, remains family owned and operated to this day. Since 1863, the insight and techniques for the production of Bernardaud porcelain have been handed down from father to son.  Michel Bernardaud is the fifth generation to become the worldwide ambassador of his family brand.
The tradition of excellence of Bernardaud stems from over 100 years of production in Limoges, France. The innovative design of Bernardaud plates and tableware will bring artistry to your table.
Bernardaud jewelry is truly unique. The porcelain is smooth and sensuous.

The true art of giving begins and ends at Bernardaud.. For all your fine and collectable pieces of Jewelry and Great Table Tops.  Please visit Bernardaud.

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