Fun Themed Ideas for a Bridal Tea Party

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DO YOU EVER FEEL LIKE EVERY BRIDAL SHOWER IS THE SAME? After a while they all are the same format. Here are some ways to make your bridal shower fun.

Have you thought of a Bridal Tea Party? This is a fun way to break the traditional bridal party.

Let’s see who hosted a Bridal Tea? Ellen DeGeneres did one for Keira Knightley, who did it up with 19th century wigs. Kelly Clarkson and her friends dressed in retro style birdcage veils and embellished headbands.


THEME 1: Upon arrival of your guests, CROWN each lady so they feel like Queens as they enter. Depending on the weather, welcome the ladies with a hot or cold teacup of an ICE WINE DELIGHT TEA-Cocktail. Hire a party hostess to pour tea for your guests throughout the evening! Your guest will come away feeling special and pampered.

THEME 2: The WILDEST HAT Tea Party, the lady with the Wildest Hat wins a fancy teacup. The ladies will have tons of fun shopping for their hats.

THEME 3: SETUP A TEA BLENDING STATION with three whole leave teas as the base: a Green, a Black and a Red (Rooibos) tea; place in fancy clear glass jars with labels. Include a variety of ingredients like CINNAMON, CHAI SPICES, GINGER PIECES, LAVENDER, PINEAPPLE, etc. The ladies can blend ingredients into one of the three teas. Now they can add into single teabags, name them, seal it and take it home! This is a great way to get them involved and create their own favors.

HAVE A TEArific experience!

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