5 Wedding Bargains Every Bride-to-Be Must Know

We know how important your wedding is to you, we know how important saving is too, every week, will give you 5 great wedding bargains that will help keep you on track.


1. Consider a destination wedding – We know what your thinking, your trying to SAVE right. Well having a small desination, limiting your guestlist to 25 guests or less not only saves you money on catering fess, hotel reservations and more but also obligates fewer of your loved ones to shelling out cash for travel arrangements and taking time off. Many resorts and hotels have ready-made wedding packages that are great for fabulous weddings on a budget. Not to mention, a beach for a backdrop isn’t half bad.  

2. Only YOU need a bouquet – For the bridesmaids, mothers and grandmothers try simple long-stemmed roses or one of your favorite flower. Its important that the bride have an elaborate bouquet not the entire bridal party.

3. Pick up a lower tab – As the Bride-to-be its best for you to pick up the tab at those lunchtime planning meetings with your bridesmaids. Why not spend a little less? Its not a must to meet at a four star restaurant, your favorite coffee shop or lunch-time restaurant will do. You won’t be as distracted by the food not to mention you won’t mind footing the bill for the gals who love you most.

4. Go non-alcoholic – We know this may make you take a pause but skipping out on the liquor saves LOTS of money. Make it fun and create your own signature non-alcoholic cocktail that all of your guests will love. 

5. Inquire about the sale – Jewelry can be expensive, its a good idea to ask quality jewelry stores about their sales schedule. Catching a great deal on an item at the right time can save you BIG time.



***Tips from 1000 Best Wedding Bargains

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