Eat and Be Marry

Weddings, holiday, any form of celebration often involves food and spirits.  Food seems to be the universal language for celebration.   

For a wedding celebration how does one go about selecting their menu.  What do you base your choices on, your personal preference or that of your guests.  We suggest you do keep your guests in mind its the hospitable thing to do.   

Usually a caterer will offer tastings for you to sample by appointments for a small fee.  It is then you should ask all your questions.   Budget? Setup? Delivery? Cleanup?

We went to some great resturantes in the New York City area, Thai Restaurant in the Williamsburg Brooklyn area.  When dinning for any reason these are the opportunities you should take to think about your wedding menu.

We went to the book release of one of our favorite caterers Nadege Fleurimond.  This Haitian soul cooks to feed the soul.  From the rich spicy island of the Caribbean your mouth is sure to water as you can’t but devour the delicious dishes prepared for you.  This lovely person comes from a family that loves to feed the human spirit.  Haitian culturally believe in feed the soul to reach the heart.   Go to any Haitian home and the first thing they want to do is feed you.  It is no wonder that Nadege became a chef.  Now this renown Haitian  chef shares her story of love of food and family with you and draws you into her world of food.  Bon Appetite!

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