Multi-Culture Traditions are Embraced during Japan Week

It has been a week long of highlighting wonderful traditions, fashion, beauty routines from around the world for Asian Week for us here at World Bride Magazine. Back in February we had the opportunity to attend Japan Week  in Grand Central which proved to be most educational for me and some of our editors.

It was there that we sampled food, enjoyed great drinks and learned the great tradition of a real traditional history of a Japanese wedding. We even got to witness the actual dressing of both a bride and groom in an authentic Kimono. It was amazing.

We caught up with one of the brides who had the opportunity to enter and win a trip to Japan. Eden Oved, a beautiful young woman born in Brooklyn, but a Sephardic Jew by heritage, both her parents were born in Israel. Eden describes her Matthew  Youngstein, her beau, as all American.  Talk about World Bride—this is exactly the sort of brides, couples we look for. They were among the over 130 couples that entered to win an opportunity to take part in historic wedding kimono fittings in Grand Central, and over that week, audiences around the world voted for one couple to win a Japanese getaway from Delta Air Lines and New Otani Hotel.



Her passion for the Japanese culture began back in school says Eden, “I always loved how unique traditional Japanese culture is. Since I first learned about Japanese history and culture in school it has always fascinated me. It’s amazing how much thought and symbolism went into their traditional wedding ceremony. Matthew and I absolutely loved being dressed in traditional wedding attire, it definitely gave us a sense of honor and really made us feel like bride and groom. Since the moment we got engaged we both agreed that Japan would be our honeymoon destination. “

What a wonderful way to get a jump start on your dreams….only in New York can you get the best of the whole world at your finger tips and celebrate it with complete strangers…

Not only did they have an opportunity to be part of the festivities, they actually won.  Check it out here.

As many well know, I have a deep love for Japan and to watch this was a complete joy for me to meet some of the great people, businesses while I plan my own personal trip to the great country.

What I learned from that experience during Japan Week, the men also have an extensive wardrobe ceremony to partake in. The history of the Kimono is quite fascinating and worth investigating. But the beauty of the tradition is by far more pleasing to the audience and causes you to appreciate the culture even more, reminding us that we don’t have to be Japanese to appreciate the beauty of the culture.

So as we celebrate a wonderful week of exploring Asian Week, I could not help but share my wonderful experience this past February in New York, and the beautiful experience of seeing Eden, our beautiful bride, as she and her beau Matthew have such a wonderful experience. We can’t wait until next year to celebrate Japan Week.

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