Visiting Portland, Oregon

Portland is the largest city in Oregon, with a population of over 600 thousand. Downtown Portland has beautiful waterfronts, and the bridges and its views lend to the incredible landscape. Portland got its name because of being off the rivers–Port-land. It is a combination of loft-like spaces and tall buildings for commercial spaces. But their residential areas are simply beautiful. Tree-lined communities add beauty to the region. It is also one of the leading cities regarding sustainability—green living, and innovation, which has the best outdoor hiking natural views in the US we have visited thus far.

The gastronomy scene in Portland is incredible, with countless options. It is also one of the leading metropolises for having breweries.

Before taking the six-hour flight to Portland, Oregon, I booked a reservation to Kann to experience the celebrated Haitian chef Gregory Gourd, winner of the James Beard award, to be specific. He has recreated Haitian cuisine and added a spin; Haitian cuisine meets Pacific Northwest bounty at Kann. It is a live-fire restaurant designed to honor his heritage and culture while also honoring Oregon’s seasons and local ingredients. It is worth a visit. But make sure you make your restaurant reservation BEFORE booking your flight. It is booked months in advance.

The next spot worth enjoying is Portland City Grill. The view from the 30th floor is as epic as the food and customer service. Their happy hour is one of the critical reasons patrons visit the space other than being in the heart of Downtown Portland’s busy metropolis. The food is a mixture of American and Asian cuisine that will have your pallet dancing with joy.

Last but not least is Mediterranean Exploration, MEC; it is in the Pearl District of Oregon, and they have a relaxed vibe when you enter this establishment. Their presentation is spectacular, and their customer service is welcoming. The food was succulent — an essential ingredient for a beautiful experience anywhere.

All three restaurants have in common their commitment to supporting their community while doing good business. As we have heard in the media, Portland is facing severe challenges regarding its homelessness issue. We are determined to be part of the solution and ask you to support local businesses throughout your travels. Buy local, patronize the small businesses that can afford to stay in business so they can hire more people that can only produce a more stable environment.

While visiting Portland, Nike’s headquarters is more like a college campus. Their employees are informed and committed to giving back to the community. My Lyft driver told me that most of
his business comes from passengers traveling to and from Nike corporate offices. Nike is also committed to preserving the natural beauty of the area.

So when visiting Portland, make sure you support as many local businesses as you can.

For those of you that want to get married in Portland, there are countless spaces to select from. We learned about a few of them when we attended the Portland Bridal Expo at the Portland Expo Center. We met numerous small business owners ready to serve all your wedding needs there. Venues range from vineyards to farms and hotel banquet halls, and Florists can provide you with various floral designs for all your design needs. And don’t worry about fashion– a few local bridal dress designers can create some originals. Some boutiques can provide you with familiar brand designers, such as Justin Alexander, Madeline Gardner, and Randy Fenoli, to name a few. Be sure to follow us on all our social media platforms to see in-person interviews and events we cover for more ways you can support local businesses.

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