Top Ten Liquor and Wine Brands with Latin, Spanish and The Caribbean History

Hispanic and Latino countries are home to the most fantastic spirits and wines. Regardless of reasons for celebration or casual, they produce an array of liquors and wines from the moderate to expensive price points. We have identified ten most popular liquor and wine brands with Latin and Spanish history, that you can incorporate in your festivities as you plan your wedding.

Bacardi – Rum – Cuba



Bacardi has maintained its place as the world’s best-selling rum brand and the largest family-owned liquor company in the world. Founded by Facundo Bacardi Masso in 1862, the most exciting thing is their clear “white” rum is aged in white oak barrels with a mellow, pleasing flavor.

Captain Morgan – Rum – Jamaica



Alcohol conglomerate Diageo’s category colossus Captain Morgan is, by volume, the seventh largest international spirit brand, and the third largest rum brand. The brand leads in each market with its variety of products: Original Spiced, Black Spiced, Dark, Lime Bite, etc.

Havana Club – Rum – Cuba


Havana Club remains one of the biggest names in the rum industry. On the nose, Havana Club rum has sweetness and light, but with a brusque whiff of alcohol. It was founded by the Arechabala family in Cuba in 1934.

Appleton Estate – Rum – Jamaica



The Jamaican distillery Appleton Estate rums are made by the first female Master Blender in rum industry. The Appleton Estate makes rums that are eight years old with a flavoring of maple, orange with a hint of smokiness.

Don Julio – Tequila – Mexico


Mexican Don Julio sets the standard for all Tequilas in 1987. The Don Julio Real Extra Añejo and Don Julio 1942 Añejo are both excellent gifts for aficionado and the Don Julio añejo tequila’s smooth, full-bodied taste is attributed to the handpicked seven-year-old blue agave plant aged for three to five years in white oak barrels.

Patrón – Tequila – Mexico



Most tequila including Patrón are made from the “Maguey” of the blue agave. It’s playful on the tongue, offers a long, smooth taste, and ends with a long spicy finish. Patrón assorted offerings are incredible: Gran Patrón Platinum, Gran Patrón Burdeos, Gran Patrón Piedra, Patrón Silver, Patrón Añejo and Patrón Reposado.

Herradura – Tequila – Mexico

Herradura Final


Aside from excellent agave sourcing, one of the other keys to the smooth flavor are the vanilla and butterscotch elements. Unlike some other huge-scale producers, Herradura has managed to maintain its quality while building a bold and larger brand.

Casa Dragones – Tequila – Mexico



Known as a handcrafted luxury tequila producer Casa Dragones is made in Mexico, headed by Bertha González  Nieves, the first woman approved as “Maestra Tequilera” by the Mexican Tequila Regulatory Council. The Casa Dragones Joven has a hint of vanilla and a flavor of black pepper with a silky body, and comes in the award-winning packaging.

Macchu Pisco – Pisco – Peru  


Pisco producers are generally from Peru and Chile, but probably Peruvian version received more worldwide acclaim by pisco lovers. One of the best is Macchu Pisco, which ages for nine months, and takes ten pounds of traditional quebranta non-aromatic grapes to make each bottle. It is strong at the top, smooth on the tongue and reveals a fresh lemongrass profile.  

Marqués de Caceres – Wine – Spain



Marqués de Caceres was founded in 1970 by Henri Forner, a Spain based wine producer for generations since the time of the Roman Empire. While Spanish wines may not be as popular as French and Italian wines, its judicious use of oak gives Marqués de Caceres a distinctly identifiable flavor.


Don’t forget to drink responsibly.

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