Dave Wise

The strange reality of the world around us is that everything we see within it is merely the reflection of light. Without the play of light bouncing to and fro between objects then back to our eyes, we wouldn’t perceive any of the beauty, any of the delights, which cause our emotions to react.

Dave Wise has been at home behind the lens for 38 years, shooting images in one form or another. Since the tender age of 5 when his grandmother gave him his first camera, Wise has found a sense of freedom and happiness in taking pictures. His many years of observation have solidified what he has always known of the beauty in the world of reflections, and ever since he has made it his life’s work to still them in the art of photography. In Wise’s mind, his work of passion is an on-going negotiation between himself and the world so as to allow him to capture—even briefly—every one.

Dave’s path has been varied and it’s that variety that shows in everything he does. He has an old East End, London soul and his passion for photography and life is obvious from the very first moment you meet him. “Continuing to wake up breathing is great,” he says. “Everything else achieved is just the icing on the cake.” It is his passion for his craft that inspires him from day to day. “The thought of tomorrow is so exciting, a new project or venture on the horizon, being one step closer to the next endeavor, where you are ready to start all over again.”

The producers of the hit TV show ‘Britain’s Next Top Model’ has described Wise as “Part of the fashion elite.” The compliment is proof of the success of his journey in taking photography from a quiet obsession to where it is now—his sole purpose of being. He does not forget nor take for granted how far he has come.

Dave’s list of clients spans editorial work, campaigns and celebrity portraits, including Vogue, FIASCO, S Magazine, MTV, Ralph Fiennes and Gillian Anderson. He has also appeared on national and international television as an expert in his field.

There is a British saying, “Away with the fairies,” to describe an artist losing himself in the surreal space of creativity. When Dave isn’t experiencing this paradigm of artistic context, chasing reflections or dreaming up images, he spends his time with his family, as a proud father of two beautiful children and a devoted husband.

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