Juliya Fedorovych

Juliya Fedorovych was born in the Ukraine, a childhood surrounded by creative spirits, in an environment surrounded by family in the fashion business. It is her mother’s history of running fashion shops that developed her deep love for fashion & her sense of style and passion for the fashion industry.

But on the practical side of things, it was important to Juliya that she obtained a “proper education.” After receiving a Master’s degree in philosophy and law, she received a great opportunity to explore the world. After testing some opportunities in the business arena, it became apparent that her craving for her creative side needed to be explored and thus beginning her creative journey into the world of fashion, and writing. “My passion for traveling mixed with the love of people and learning—those are the things that lead me to the East (China, India, etc.), and now to the West; it is that same spirit that will bring me to NY to discover its incredibly creative world!”

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