Muriel Saldalamacchia



Muriel is clearly Wed’addict© .

Certified International Wedding Planner, her main clients are international couples and french expatriates with strong careers, openminded, with a great sense of humour, and definitly oriented to details with a great capacity to make decisions once being recommended.

Muriel is working from her two differents favorites places on the globe : South of France and NYC.

Muriel founded Label Mariage©, a national label to guarantee a way of behave, an art of doing its own wedding job, and to promote a true and clear way of business behavior. As per her skills and way of working, she is now a active member of the international A.F.W.P.I, the Association for Wedding Professional International.

She’s also writer of clever and tiped guides for bride-and-groom-to-be, owner of a french wedding school dedicated to train and grow every wedding businesses, writer for a professionnel website also dedicated to wedding professionals.

Clearly oriented to details and proficiency to be a problem-solver, Muriel is someone you can rely on ! For sure !
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