Designer Takeover Francesca Miranda

Fernando Vilanova Miranda

Francesca Miranda grew up surrounded by art, passion and good taste. From her parents, she inherited a melting pot of cultures; being part Italian, Spanish and British nurtured her love for style and fashion. From her Spanish mother, a ballerina back in her days, she learned discipline, dedication and the beauty of simplicity. She remembers early in her life helping her father select the most exquisite cottons and silks sent to him from the Parisian Gentlemen fashion label Sulka & Co. in Paris, for which he made tailored shirts and ties.

Growing up, Francesca Miranda was the 4th of 5 children. “I was always the last one to get new clothes. I remember going through all my sisters closets and making my own outfits from what they had. I always would wear my father’s shirts as well. I still wear men’s shirts. After I got married and moved to Colombia, I would buy fabric and make my own clothes, still do!” states Francesca.

Francesca claims that one of the reasons she is so passionate about her designs is because of the reaction she gets from her customers. She smiles gently and says, “I love that I can make a women feel beautiful, feminine and sophisticated. That is who I design for, a woman who feels like that. I can’t say I follow trends exactly, I think we should wear what looks good on us, but I do let what is going on in the world influence it. But most importantly, we have to get to know ourselves and what looks best on us; I always try to bring that out in a woman.”

Her numerous fashion awards and highly applauded presence on the runways all over the world have defined her success. This success is displayed through the dedicated expansion of her label. Francesca´s aesthetic hints towards a Victorian-styled maiden. Her signature dresses accent pearl embroidered bodices enticed with flowing silk and satin couture. Brides-to-be from all over the world visit Francesca Miranda showrooms and leave with a sigh of relief, mixed with the excitement, and that undeniable feeling of: “This is the Dress”.

written by Susan Dilworth
photos by Francesca Miranda

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