Southern Weddings: Heels, Hats & “This-n-That”



World Bride Magazines favorite thing about Southern Weddings is that they are relaxing and laid back yet full of mannerisms, etiquette and elegance. Southern Weddings are all about personifying the beauty of two families coming together and creating an atmosphere of celebration and fun within an ambiance which embraces nature and traditions.

A true southern bride will say “Bless your heart” and “Bye Y’all”, she serves sweet tea and makes the best peach cobbler in town but can turn around an catch an alligator for dinner without losing a beat in her step. World Bride Magazine is keenly approaching the Southern Square Bridal Show where southern Brides from all over the south will find professional vendors who are equipped to serve a true “Belle of the Ball” southern bride as she prepares for her special day. This week we are featuring QP’s Dollhouse nestled near the historic heart of downtown Augusta GA, on the infamous corner of James Brown Blvd and Broad Street.

QP’s Dollhouse is owned and operated by Artina “QPDoll” Sharpton and was welcomed by the city of Augusta GA with its new concept in December 2014. With the assistance of her Husband and former Rap Star Kim “Kool Kim” Sharpton they’ve built upon a simple concept: Local business and community outreach should be a symbiotic relationship that provides a higher level of engagement for, owner and shopper, a like.

To this end, QP’s dollhouse has developed the boutique to not only house some of the most unique and beautiful custom “Heels, Hats & This-n-That” accessories for the bride and her wedding entourage but have built this exquisite boutique to literally resemble: a dollhouse for women. Boasting a lingerie/bridal suite with a luxurious changing room where QPDoll invites her patrons to bring their items from other stores to try on and accessories in the comfort of a carpeted quaint space where working out the fine details for Brides becomes a simple matter.

“We designed the Lingerie/Bridal suite with the primary intent of providing Brides with a space to come and relax, slow down a bit and take the time to reorganize. Having been a bride and currently moonlighting as a wedding/event planner I’m well acquainted with the hustle and bustle and outright intensity that the preparation of a wedding demands.” explained QPDoll. “We’ve developed a space and a business model built around making things a little easier and a lot more comfortable for our brides. A place where you can breathe again.” she continued.

QP’s Dollhouse has the capacity to create a full bridal party custom accessory suite, custom clutches, tiaras, necklaces, bracelets, and a host of things you hadn’t even considered. They’ve even feature accessories for their accessories. With a wonderful line of product enhancements like “Bring me Ups” to provide lift for the “girls” along with breast shapers and “Foot Pedals” to make wearing any pair of their extensive shoe collection not only manageable but outright comfortable for a long day of being a beautiful bride.

Another wonderfully unique trait about QP’s Dollhouse is QPDoll herself. She’s a custom accessories designer and a true crafts person that has had the pleasure of putting together amazing items for artist such as Jazz great Najee, Will Downing and a host of local personalities both here in Augusta and NYC where she began QP Doll Accessories out of her Apartment. Slowly and steadily growing her business, clientele, and most importantly her crafting skills, QP has become a world class designer of Accessories who has been sought out and courted by various designers.

A boutique designed around easing the pressure and relieving the burden from its customers is a Bridal Must this and every season. QP’s Dollhouse is a definite destination point for Brides and shoppers in general looking for a comfortable, welcoming and relaxed setting.

WBM is excited to let our southern readers now that the spring issue of our magazine can be found with QP’s Dollhouse. Stop by and secure your personal copy and don’t forget to “save the date” for the Southern Square Bridal Show on August 23rd from 12 noon to 4 o’clock pm at Enterprise Mills in Augusta GA.

Photo By Kim Sharpton
Photo By Kim Sharpton


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