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Today, registering your list of gifts you want your guest to purchase has taken a turn – we are trying to determine if it is for better or worse.

Many brides feel weird making a list of gifts, but the reality was that when you buy your first home, you crammed it full of “Stuff.” There was no need for people to spend fortunes on things we neither needed or, dare I say it, wanted. But our only option when we got married was to open a registry at one of the large department stores. Now, with the help of the Internet, there are so many choices for the newly married couple.

Whilst the big department stores do still exist and the Wedding Registry at a variety of local and national department stores seem exhaustive, there are also other options to consider when you’re online.


If, like us, you have already set up your home, which is more than likely these days, then it is worth checking out getting your honeymoon funded. Let’s face it, nothing is cheap and already you’ve spent thousands getting your invitations, wedding planning, venue deposits and all before you’ve even considered wedding gifts. Perhaps you’ve decided to delay your honeymoon to defer the costs? Well, why not ask your guests to contribute to your honeymoon? Honey Fund will do that, crowd funding for your honeymoon.


More traditional online registries still exist. We particularly like Amara’s because it’s clean, professional, and simple to use for everyone involved. Amara also has access to some rather impressive brands to add that touch of luxury.


If you’re all about charity, where helping the world is the most important thing, there is an option for that. The international charity Oxfam has an online wedding registry, so you can get married knowing that your day was made that little bit more special because you shared it with so many more than could never have participated. Or send a list of your favorite local charities that would gladly help you celebrate from afar.

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