09 Bonnie and Clyde-Scoping the joint-The Saga Continues…

Beast of a beauty.....
Beast of a beauty…..

So, yesterday, I had plans to meet with Ms. Mara Newman for my first “walk through” at High Bar. Mara knows everyone in the city and is the sole reason I’m having my wedding at Highbar. I met Mara through one of the former directors at Ford (Kamla Butler- a bridesmaid). Mara’s booked events for Ford over the past few years and I heard she is the best person to know in NYC on the Party. When I first met Mara, she was rockin’ a head full of curly hair, a nameplate chain and fur trim coat. She was boisterous and demanding- I LOVED IT. She showed me some amazing spaces like Aspen Social, Amalia and HighBar and worked out a great deal with the owners. I owe her my firstborn.



So Mara couldn’t make it at the last minute because of another event she was executing. Live events are tricky business!

Anyway, Thank God I brought along Mrs. Elizabeth Kamp and her model hubby Nathan Kamp (and my fiancé) to help bounce ideas off them. Where do we put the tables? What should be draped? Where are the candles? (Elizabeth and Nathan have a show called Nathan Lives To Eat. www.nathanlivestoeat.com.) Elizabeth is naturally REALLY good at décor and design and has taken pity on me and has been helping me pull together ideas. They are most beautiful couple ever! Inside and out, I swear there is a special place in heaven for those two.

It took a couple hours but we figured out what was needed to rent tables and chairs etc. but I’m worried that we won’t have seating for everyone but I refuse to stress! The space is set up like a lounge and not for a sit down dinner. Where’s Grandma going to sit and eat her steak? Indian-style in a bali bed? I don’t think so. ARGH! Sounds like I need an interior designer and THAT sounds expensive. The saga continues…

Rough Rider....
Kamey-Rough Rider….
Pretty Boy Nate....
Pretty Boy Nate….
The Original Ms. Info...(OMI)
The Original Ms. Info…(OMI)
The Entertainers.....
elizabeth-and-nate-The Entertainers…..
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