The Benefits of Coffee and Caffeine for a Beautiful, Healthy You


This past Tuesday was National Coffee Day so in honor of it, we have some great tips for you pertaining to coffee and caffeine as you get ready for your wedding or if you are finally settled in with your new spouse. I am particularly happy because I am Italian and coffee in my country is a MUST; you can’t start your day without having a cup of coffee. Thanks to its high quantity of antioxidants, caffeine is a great way to help reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of diabetes. It’s also great for your memory, thus helping to fight against Alzheimer’s disease, and it helps to avoid weight gain.

But ladies, did you know that caffeine is also great for beauty? You can find it in many beauty treatments and in many different ways, like body lotion, scrub, shampoo, mask, capsule, infusion…everything!!!! In the last years, many cosmetic companies incorporated caffeine in their products. We tried and recommend Svelta–Body Scrub Luxe Coffee & Raw Sugar, perfect for coffee lovers! With only natural coffee, sugar, oils and cardamom extract, the smell will catch you from the beginning and the consistency is perfect for exfoliating all the dead skin on your body. Your skin will be soft and regenerate in a minute! For this product and more, go to:

One of the most common caffeine cosmetics used by women and men is for the treatment of dark circles under eyes. The caffeine helps to diminish water in the skin around the eyes. We can find creams and rolls, the last one is the most popular choice by people of all the world because it also gives you a little massage. Nice!

Caffeine can also benefit hair growth. However, don’t go to the kitchen to massage your hair with the coffee, please! Studies reveal that caffeine can interact in a positive way with your hair follicles. You can consume it via beverages or food, but also helps your hair with a special shampoo.
There is one more thing that caffeine helps us with and it’s a common problem for women: cellulite. It is a huge help for dehydrated skin and you can find a lot of variants from the body lotion to the scrub. Caffeine can reduce the fat content in our body’s cells. But remember to use the product EVERY DAY! If you are eating healthy, doing proper exercise, and using your cosmetic products of choice, anything is possible. But be careful! Drinking too much coffee and caffeine is not only bad for your cellulite, but bad for your overall health.

Remember that everything you consume in the right quantity can help your body to be healthy and beautiful. So take a trip to your favorite coffee place and go celebrate National Coffee Day every day!!!!!

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