Transforming Your Wedding Venue



One of the most important aspects of your wedding day is having your wedding ceremony and reception reflect the dreams you have had for years. Many brides have thought about the color of their flowers, table linens and an assortment of beautiful appointments.

As your dreams are being developed, it is imperative that you keep in mind that the venue and their policies are an important detail that will have a major impact on making your dreams come true.


You don’t have to design or physically decorate the venue yourself. Gone are the days where you had to schlep your ladder to the local hall with boxes of Christmas lights to do it yourself. In today’s market, most venues have either exclusive or preferred vendors with warehouses filled with the most unusual and sublime props that can transform any venue into the perfect wedding of your dreams. That is if your venue allows transformative events. Every venue has rules and regulations that are part of your contract and you must adhere to every single line item to the letter of the law.

However, sometimes there are exceptions to the rule – provided your dream will enhance the venue. Create a great visual on their website, or create a “I wish I had thought of that” appointment that can readily be done for someone else that the venue would find quite interesting.


Usually when you are stretching your ability to make your dreams come true, you should consider using a professional. There are event companies that have trained contractors who can create the most elaborate lighting packages, ceiling and wall treatments to florists who have designed table treatment fit for royalty, literally. These are people who are trained in set design, interior decorating, and so much more.


I say plan your wedding with the most elaborate ideas, but spend time thinking and inspecting venues on the web and through magazines. Check with your large cultural arts organizations; most of your community’s non-profit organizations host fundraisers and their events are all about the experience, especially your symphony or art museums. The development of fundraising departments of these institutions will surely know the best companies with unique abilities.

A note to remember: when you are planning this elaborate design, be mindful that there are a lot of logistics that are required and must be coordinated with your venue that may charge for the additional setup time. Keep in mind the line item for venue rental. Additional setup time can be expensive, but worth every dime.

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