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Your hair is probably a big deal to you, right? And it’s probably an even bigger deal on your Big Day. Sometimes brides are encouraged to keep their hair look simple and clean on their wedding day. You’re not going to get that kind of nonsensical advice here today. The World Bride girl emphasizes her unique attributes and celebrates her curves – from curls to toes. Here are some big hairspirations to get you into the idea of going big or going home on your Big Day.




A slight side parting has the potential to give your ‘fro an entire different shape for your wedding. It is also a quite subtle change for the girl who’s already married to her everyday natural style. By parting your hair to the side, you can create the perfect space for hair accessories such as barrettes, tiaras and jeweled pins.




Your mom called. She said she’d really love for you to show your pretty face on your big day. Big haired girls know the struggle of being lost behind a mass of curls. Try pinning back a small section of hair above the forehead to open up the face and show off that glow!




You know what they say, “The bigger the hair, the bigger the day.” Just kidding. That’s not really a thing but you can for sure make it one on your wedding day. Pulling your hair to one side is a great way to accentuate beautiful jewelry while still maintaining a natural-glam look.

Regardless the style you select for your nuptials, as long as you stay true to the natural you, you’re winning. However, if you do decide to pull a Dolly Parton please be sure to tag us on Instagram.

Love you all.

Photographer:  Melina Tavares

Model: Alysia at Fenton Moon

Makeup: Maria Ortega

Hair: Andrita Renee for The Hairspray Diaries

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