Beauty That Starts Beneath the Skin: Products That Enhance



Makeup applied correctly can truly transform the face into a more flawless and breathtaking version of oneself, however, its powerful effects only last as long as your next shower or facial cleansing. The secret to natural beauty starts beneath the skin, with the right skincare approach – a very important (and often overlooked) process that brides and grooms often overlook before their big day.

Out of the many products available to consumers looking to refortify and transform their skin, I have found three great products to incorporate into your weekly skincare regimen at least 1-2 months prior to your wedding.


1) The Oxygen Peel by Philosophy:  This is a very innovative two-step product that has proven successful effects on the skin – including brightening, clarifying, and detoxing the skin. These effects are achieved largely due to the reaction that takes place when the catalase enzyme capsules are mixed with the oxygen foam – creating a mixture that rapidly exfoliates the skin – clearing congested pores and minimizing their appearance. The end result is brighter, clearer, and more naturally radiant skin. This peel works wonders if used consistently on a weekly basis.



2) Oil Eliminator by Kiehl’s:  For the bride with particularly oily skin, this is a remarkable solution. Even though this product is marketed specifically towards men, it is often recommended to women who have a greater challenge in keeping their skin oil-free. In addition to the toning mist neutralizing excess oil and noticeably reducing the appearance of shine and pores, it also has a refreshing cooling effect on the skin soon after application. Oil Eliminator can be applied before or after applying makeup as needed. For those of us with challenges addressing excess oil, I highly recommend this product.




3) Creme de La Mer: The product’s name directly translates into “cream of the sea,” and is one of La Mer’s most sought after skincare secrets. Many of La Mer’s products contain Miracle Broth™ – a special proprietary blend of nutrients derived from the sea. This ultra-luxurious moisturizer not only rejuvenates the driest skin types, but also improves skin elasticity and firmness – diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and the visibility of pores. Creme de La Mer is to be applied to the face and all other exposed areas of the skin in need of rejuvenation on a daily basis.



As with any skincare regimen, apply new products to the skin well before any special event to make sure they are right for your skin. For more information on these product lines, visit the company websites directly, and be well on your way to having healthier and more naturally radiant skin!


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